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Congratulations to Sessions 12 of the TBI State Academy

Represented in this class (front, from left): Det. Sgt. Gary Bean, City of Morristown; Sgt. Andy Miller, Smyrna, TN Police Department; Sgt. Kevin Kirkland, Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, TN.; Sgt. Christopher King, City of Jackson, TN – Police Department; Sgt. Lance Wright, City of Jackson, TN – Police Department (he also received Director’s Leadership Award); (back, from left) Director David Rausch, TBI; Inv. Charles Stines, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office (Class Leader); Cpl. Trevor Salyer, Elizabethton Police Department; Maj. Jamie Aistrop, Jonesborough Police Department; Inv. Matthew Salamon, Fayette County Sheriff’s Office; Lt. Christopher Farmer, Sullivan County, TN Sheriff’s Office; Lt. Jay Gore, Bartlett police Department; Lt. Colin McLeod, Knoxville Police Department – TN and Asst. Dir. Jason Wilkerson, TBI.

Bartlett Police Department

In August, twelve men, including Bartlett’s own Jay Gore, committed four weeks to immersive training focused on leadership development. The Bartlett Police Department commends each of these men along with their departments for dedication to growth and learning. 

To learn more about training opportunities offered by TBI, visit https://www.tn.gov/tbi/divisions/training-division.html

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