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Two named Artists of the Year

During a ceremony on Saturday, January 9, two local artists were awarded the 2020 Artist of the Year Award at the MidSouth Artist Gallery in Bartlett.

Presented by Bartlett Express Editor Pamela Mirabella, at the request of gallery director,
Frederick Von Thrauthemburg Morris, Sandra Horton and Jon Woodhams took home the
matching trophies, as well as a $500 for each of them.

Voted on by their peers, Horton and Woodhams were elated when given the awards. Horton said, “I am humbled to win this award. I was very surprised and am very thankful.” After winning, she explained her love for art began with painting furniture, then wall murals and finally started working on canvas in 2005.

Moments after winning the award, Woodhams said, “This was a wonderful validation of
the effort I put in and the skills I learned. To have this recognition from my peers and art lovers, is very meaningful.”

In 2010, Woodhams began taking pictures of New York City. Through photography, he
began experimenting with programs that turned photos into art. In 2017, after a health crisis, Woodhams transitioned into expressive art.

The event was catered by Chicken Salad Chick. A local eatery located near Wolfchase
Mall that specializes in variations of chicken salad. Horton summed up the day’s
event, by saying, “What a great way to start 2021.”

Several local artists are currently on display at the MidSouth Artist Gallery at 2945 Shelby St.

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