Family-friendly ‘Time Boys’ filmed in Shelby County

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] family who came to Shelby County because of their sick child is investing their time, skills and money into a family-friendly time travel movie. Writer and director Randall Terry wrapped up filming of “Time Boys” last week after having shoots in Bartlett, Arlington, Millington, Covington and Memphis for the past six months.
They moved to Shelby County because one of their four sons, 14-year-old Michael, is a St. Jude patient, now in remission from Stage 4 cancer, acute lymphoblastic lymphoma.
After his treatment, the family decided, “Let’s have a post-chemo movie,” and “Time Boys” was born.
Terry produces shows for a living, so the project was a natural for him. It’s more than the average amateur effort, as he said “Time Boys” was shot on Hollywood-grade equipment and the project used camera and sound professionals.
More than 100 home-schooled children participated in the project over the summer and this fall. Parents involved in the Shepherd’s Horn music program in Germantown volunteered at every level, from building sets to working on costumes and makeup. Terry also included his own children (Michael; Randy, 15; Justin, 12; and Killian, 11) among the actors.
The feature-length motion picture is set in the fictional town of Truesdale, Tenn., and it is about boys who time travel from 1908 to the present.
The boys’ father starts the time traveling in an effort to go to the future and get medicine to cure his wife before she dies. He runs into a paradox that prevents him from succeeding. Then the boys are accidentally thrown into the future and their time-travel machine is destroyed. The movie is about them being stuck in the future and their efforts to get back home to their own time.
Terry said the show’s got everything, including bullies, villains, conflict in school – even a battle of the bands. He and his sons are professional musicians, and they perform the period 1908 music and modern tunes for the film.
Before the film hits the big screen, he still has thousands of hours of footage and months of editing, sound, coloring, special effects, final audio mix and music work ahead, he said.
Now they are working towards distribution for “Time Boys” and plan to approach several family-friendly movie distributors. Terry plans to have a showing in the greater Memphis area when the movie comes out.
“If we’re lucky, we could have a movie by May,” he said.
See a clip of the movie at, including an original song by Terry.

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