City Employees receive recognition

City of Bartlett

At the latest Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting, Mayor David Parsons recognized the City of Bartlett Divisional Employees of the Year. Read about each honored employee below:  

Fire Department – Lieutenant Larry Stone

Lt. Stone has over 30 years of service and a strong passion to serve the community. He takes great pride in each aspect of the job, especially when given additional projects. These projects are often related to equipment, training, and development. Each project is carried out with a positive attitude and a productive outcome. He loves his profession and inspires those around him to do the same. 

Police Department – Officer Nathan DeCrow

Officer DeCrow the School Resource Officer for Rivercrest Elementary. He taught the new LEAD program to the students, which aimed to educate them on the negative effects of drugs and ways to prevent bullying. He knows the students by name and makes an effort to connect with them, whether it is helping them open their milk or giving them a high five or fist bump as they enter. 

He noticed during the morning car rider drop-off and during dismissal, the traffic flow could have been better. He took it upon himself to create a diagram with maps and a detailed plan for a long-term solution. 

The security of the school is of utmost importance to him and he regularly monitors the school’s exterior doors while also watching over the children during recess. He goes above and beyond in fulfilling his role as a School Resource Officer. 

IT Department – Jeremiah Wooten (Computer Support Analyst)  

Jeremiah takes IT support to the next level. He is always available to assist staff in trouble-shooting computer glitches. He takes genuine pride in analyzing a problem while providing the user with instructions on why the problem may have occurred and how to fix it next time. During the recent office renovations to the Water Department, Accounts Payable and Tax Offices, he worked diligently to move computers, printers, telephones and other IT equipment from their respective offices to the conference rooms to allow operations to continue without interruption. Everyone was impressed with Jeremiah’s patience and professionalism during this long two-month process. 

Public Works – Sean Lilly (Crew Leader – Water / Wastewater Division of Public Works)

Recently the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles started requiring all Commercial Driver’s License applicants to have documented hours of classroom training, road training, and testing prior to receiving a CDL. In order to obtain this required training, the City was going to have to pay an outside company to train our CDL applicants. Even though this added more work for Sean and takes him away from his normal duties, he volunteered to become a certified federal and state CDL instructor. Sean has successfully trained multiple employees who have obtained their CDL, not only in Public Works, but also in the Parks Department. As a result of Sean’s willingness to do this, it has saved the City thousands of dollars. We also often receive compliments from citizens on Sean and his crew for prompt, professional and knowledgeable service. Due to Sean’s willingness to go the extra mile and do things right, he and his crew are often relied upon to do the larger more difficult projects. We are very proud of Sean and grateful to have him on the Public Works team.

Parks & Recreation – Alex Bien (Assistant Facility Manager)

The year 2023 proved to be one of unexpected transitions within the Parks Department and Alex proved repeatedly how integral of a role he plays toward the successful operations of our activities, events, programs and facilities. He truly is the epitome of what it means to be an effective member of our team: stepping up to fill in identified gaps and prioritizing the needs of the team ahead of individual ones. 

He stepped in as Interim Facility Manager for the Senior Center following unexpected and sudden retirements. He implemented adjustments to existing work flows to utilize existing technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness in scheduling space. 

This year he passed his exam to earn his CPRP credential and was elected as Chair-Elect of the Young Professionals for the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association.

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