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Charges dropped against ‘Celebrity Pastor’

By Thomas Sellers Jr., W10 News Editor

MEMPHIS — As 2023 came to a close, local pastor Stevie Flockhart received a good word — dropped. 

Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Ronald Lucchesi disposed of multiple felony theft-related charges against Stevie Flockhart.

The “celebrity pastor” was arrested last year on several charges that had those dropped in late December. 

According to the alleged victim, the 901 Church paid more than $6,000 in disputed credit card charges, but Flockhart did not admit fault.

901 Church had two locations with one in Bartlett at 6033 Old Brownsville Road and the other at 8077 Wilkinsville Road. Flockhart served as the lead pastor and in 2012, he appeared on American Idol and then was selected as a contestant on The Voice.

Throughout 2023 Flockhart was trending on social media in the area for his alleged crimes. 

Lucchesi disposed of the previously filed felony charges of identity theft and theft of merchandise against Flockhart. Flockhart had been arrested on Nov. 2. 

Mark McCall, the former finance director of 901 Church from 2015 to 2022, accused Flockhart of opening a PayPal credit card account under McCall’s name, without his permission or knowledge. Allegedly, Flockhart racked up $6,410 in unapproved charges on that credit card account associated with the church. 

According to court records, the victim claimed that he found out in September that his credit score dropped and learned of a credit card with a $6,400 balance.

The case against Flockhart was dismissed after “the prosecutor or plaintiff has decided to abandon the prosecution or lawsuit.”

Court documents alleged that Flockhart and a victim agreed three years ago to open a joint credit card specifically for 901 Church, which has locations in Millington and Bartlett.

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