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Bartlett’s Closet accepting donations for storm victims

Staff Reports

The people of Covington, Brighton and the surrounding areas really need help right now, and Bartlett’s Closet is ready to help get your items to those areas this week.

Here’s a list of items needed:

* first aid supplies and bandages

* sugar free items

* canned fruit

* peanut butter

* jelly and condiments

* canned food, shelf stable food, any kind of non-perishable food

* food that does not need to be cooked

* dry dog and cat food.

* Gift cards in smaller amounts

* Gas cards

* Food cards

If you wish to donate directly to the Covington area, you may do so  by using the links pictured. Jennifer Nolen is a city of Covington employee, who is authorized to accept the donations directly for the city, or you can send checks directly to the city of Covington, be sure to add on the memo line “April 1 disaster”.

Please note: Covington is still not accepting clothing donations.

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