Area pastor facing charges after arrest

Staff Reports

Over the weekend charges were brought against a popular Millington area pastor. 

Pastor Steven Flockhart of 901 Church was charged with identity theft and theft of merchandise $2,500-$10,000 on Thursday. Flockhart’s name is recognizable by some after he appeared on “American Idol” and “The Voice’’ more than a decade ago. 

More recently Flockhart has been accused of in in 2019, he and another member of the church agreed to open a joint credit card specifically for the church. According to the report, the victim stated that Flockhart called him and requested his personal information, which he reluctantly gave.

In September 2023, the victim said he noticed his credit score had dropped a significant amount. When searching for an answer as to why, he noticed that a credit card through PayPal had been opened under his name. Reports show the credit card had $6,410 in unpaid charges.

The victim reportedly confronted Flockhart about the charges. That is when Flockhart admitted to opening the card under the victim’s name without permission.

The phone number connected to the account was confirmed by the loan holder Synchrony Financial, and by the victim, to be Flockhart’s. According to an affidavit, Flockhart has also had previous incidents similar to this in Georgia.

Prior to the Millington allegations, court documents report that Flockhart forged documents and impersonated the account holder of a credit card at a separate church in Georgia, which resulted in a lawsuit in 2020.

901 Church, located at 8077 Wilkinsville Road in Millington and 6033 Old Brownsville Road in Bartlett, released a statement on Flockhart’s arrest.

“While we do not find the allegations factual, we believe that vindication is from God and firm in His sovereignty and truth.”

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