A Message from the Mayor:

Our team has been doing everything possible to have power restored to our community. We have constantly communicated with MLGW, and I wanted to update you on our most recent conversation.  

Several downed trees are intertwined with power lines that must be removed from the roadway before MLGW crews can restore service to these affected areas. Here is a list of those locations:

Oak Rd 

Hwy 70 at Broadway to Marietta

Fiske and Guinevere

Dawnhill and Oak 

Memphis Arlington and 3rd 

Oak and Andrews 

Broadway and 3rd 

7th Road 

St. Elmo and Sungate 

Our Public Works crews will be working hand-in-hand with MLGW today in an attempt to clear these sites. Today is the first time MLGW has been able to provide personnel to work alongside our crews to ensure these lines are not active and our employees will be safe. In addition, our fire department will be visiting neighbors in these areas to provide water and transportation to one of the cooling centers in our community if needed.

Once these power lines are removed from the roadway, MLGW will be able to provide a more accurate update on when power can be restored to our citizens who are still struggling in the aftermath of the storm. We will continue working with MLGW to help expedite our recovery efforts and I will provide an additional update as soon as it becomes available. 

We are doing everything possible to get through the aftermath of this weather crisis. The health and safety of our citizens is paramount and please know that we are exhausting all available resources to help you!

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