Subscribers needed now more than ever


Hometown newspapers exist based solely on subscribers and advertisers. While the larger Tennessee newspapers are owned by the conglomerate that owns USA Today, among other publications, one small town couple, Dennis and Lisa Richardson own The Bartlett Express and her sister papers in West Tennessee.

The Bartlett Express has seen a change in recent months. Pamela Mirabella took over as Editor-in-Chief in August. She brought with her a new look for the local publication that has served Bartlett and surrounding communities since 1978.

Since joining the team, Mirabella has featured local faces, too many to count, just as a hometown newspaper should. She said, “To stay relevant in today’s ever-changing society with full access to instant news, newspapers like The Bartlett Express has to set itself apart by reporting only stories that cannot be found anywhere else. Folks want to see their neighbors, family and friends on the pages delivered to their door each week. We try to do that each and every issue.”

Mirabella said that is important to serve the community, but at the same time, readers must do their part to support their hometown paper. “We need our readers to subscribe in order to continue getting the news that matters to them published. We cannot do it without our subscribers and advertisers. That’s why we keep the subscription rate low and reasonable…because we want everyone to be able to enjoy touching, feeling and reading their newspaper. It’s a bit nostalgic, really.”

While subscriptions have been on the rise since Mirabella and the crew reformat- ted and brought new life to the paper, subscribers are still needed to support the area’s only newsource devoted to Bartlett, Lakeland and Arlington.

“Please think about not only subscribing, but also giving the gift of a subscription. It is my promise to you that we will continue filling the pages with local content. I love refrigerator media, you know, the kind where you love to cutout familiar faces and stories and place under a magnet on your fridge. Yeah… that’s what your hometown newspaper, The Bartlett Express specializes in. We invite you to be a part of it.”

Subscriptions are only $30 per year. The newspaper will be delivered to your mailbox each week. To subscribe, call 901-433-9138.