Quinn running for mayor

Bartlett Alderman Kevin Quinn has made it official and announced on social media that he will be running for mayor in the Nov. 8 city election.

At quinnforbartlett.com, Quinn wrote:

“Today, I’m officially announcing my candidacy to be the next Mayor of Bartlett. I promise that I will continue to prove that you can put your trust in me to bring you the kind of government you want in Bartlett. I’ll continue to deliver on my promises to you about the transparency, the honest debate, the willingness to listen, and always doing the research for the right solutions.

“As your Mayor, I’ll be willing and able to put in the 24/7/365 it will take to secure our successful future as we move into uncharted territory of how to make positive gains as Blue Oval City comes to fruition; work to lessen the tax and regulatory burdens on our citizens and businesses; and strive to grow smart, while keeping the lifestyles we want for our neighborhoods and city.

“I want to thank Mayor (Keith) McDonald for his decades of hard work for Bartlett, leaving the City in great financial shape, and for assembling an outstanding professional management team. I also want to thank all the City employees for their dedication to keeping this City the crown jewel of West Tennessee.

“With my multifaceted, extensive background in business, nonprofits, and government, I am uniquely positioned to help bring about an even better future for Bartlett.

“I’ll be a good collaborative leader and successful executive, as I can quickly recognize policy choices that won’t result in our city’s success and make the necessary course corrections.

“The people of Bartlett are always ready to serve their neighbors. And that is my goal as well. I only make this run to serve you, and to work even harder to make Bartlett a better place for our children and grandchildren.

“If elected, my only job will be to work for the people of Bartlett. I thank you all for your support!”

Quinn was elected to serve as a Bartlett alderman, Position 6, in November 2020.

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