Police Chief honors dispatchers on special week

Honoring dispatchers during National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, the Bartlett Police Department recognized personnel, including, Kelly Chame, Jana Sanders, Dan Bryan and Chris Whitney. See other honorees on Bartlett Police Department’s Facebook page.

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week runs through April 17 and is the opportune time to praise those who work “behind the scenes” in emergency situations.

Bartlett Police Chief Jeff Cox sent out a special on-line video expressing gratitude for the telecommunications personnel in the public safety community. Cox said, “Thank you for all the dedication given to our community.”

Cox continued, “Our department dispatchers are the first people you speak to when you call with an emergency. Even when they cannot see what is happening, they are the eyes and ears for our first responders. Dispatchers respond quickly so our police officers and firefighters are able to respond to calls safely and in a timely manner during a time of crisis.”

Cox explained, “This year’s theme is Super Heroes and that is so true for our dispatchers. These super heroes work in dark rooms behind computer screens talking to voices of people they never get to see. They care about people and enjoy being the lifeline of our society. They handle every emergency with style and grace and uncompromised confidence.”

He finished, “They are true heroes.”

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