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  • (Part 2 of 2) Alderman candidates deliver clear responses in Arlington forum

(Part 2 of 2) Alderman candidates deliver clear responses in Arlington forum

[Editor’s note: This is Part 2 of a lengthy candidates’ forum. Last week’s story addressed the first three questions they faced. This week’s installment includes their responses to the remaining questions.]
Candidates for four aldermen seats and three school board seats shared their differing visions for Arlington in a forum hosted Aug. 15 at Arlington High School. Following are some of the questions the aldermen candidates faced.
Cheryl Pardue, who is running unopposed for Alderman Position 2.
Oscar Brooks Sr., who seeks reelection for Position 4.
Thomas D. “Tommy” Reyes, who is vying with Brooks for Position 4.
Harry McKee is also running for reelection to Position 5.
Mark Strausser is competing with McKee for citizens’ votes to fill Position 5.
Jeremy Biggs, one of the candidates for Position 6.
Brian Thompson, the incumbent for Position 6.
Question 4: We’ve already heard some conversation tonight about the need for more fire protection. We’ve heard some talk of the need for more family-friendly activities within the town with the Parks and Rec Department possibly falling short. There’s some talk about that online as well. The thing is that quality of life costs money. And Arlington prides itself on having the lowest taxes of municipalities in Shelby County. Do you see yourself at some point in your term, if elected/re-elected, voting for some sort of property tax increase to pay for some of these demands that Arlington feels as if it needs at this point.
Harry McKee, who is running for reelection to Position 5,said he would first like to hear from Arlington’s new fire chief on long-range, medium-range and short-range plans. There are many ways to fund and accomplish the town’s goals. “I would like to see all the different options we can on fire companies, fire stations. … He’ll give us options and give us reasons on why we need to do this, or we go do that.” STOPPED AT 37:25ISH.
Mark Strausser, a candidate for Position 5, said xxxxxxx.

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