New era of KC Computer begins

(L to R) Diane Anderson, Russ Anderson and Eric Joyner at KC Computer, 6415 Summer Ave., in Bartlett.

Diane and Russ Anderson have purchased the KC Computer store at 6415 Summer Ave. in Bartlett and are putting up some unique offerings for customers.

The couple bought the business in February from previous owner Kevin Clark, who had operated KC Computer for 25 years but wanted to move on.

Diane said they are keeping the same name and same prices because the business has such a good reputation, but they will be offering new services.

Russ was working for a competitor of KC Computer and that company closed down when the owner passed away in March.

“This fell into our lap, essentially within days of him finding out he wasn’t going to have a job, so we purchased the business,” Diane said.

“We’ve never run a business before, and it’s scary,” Russ said. “Our logic is, you’re good to people, you work hard, you treat people right, and hopefully that karma is going to come back to us.”

Russ has 25 years of experience in the industry, so does Eric Joyner, who worked for about 15 years at KC and remains on staff under the new ownership group.

Russ, who has a distinct British accent, worked in London at major companies such as Lloyd’s of London, the diamond company De Beers, and Travelers Insurance and brings that corporate experience to the small business.

“I was in the right place at the right time as far as my work experience, but what it means for our customers is we can give you that perspective that you wouldn’t normally get from your average IT person,” he said. “Whether you are residential or a small business, you are going to get that IT director-perspective from us for a much cheaper price.”

Along that line, KC Computer can do audits for companies and assess their entire IT system. They will visit a home or office to repair computers, can make repairs remotely, conduct training classes, and can also build elaborate gaming computers.

KC Computer sells refurbished or new computers on a lease-to-own plan for six months same as cash.

“I think that’s super important for a lot of the parents and students in our area,” Diane said.

While the previous owner did mainly walk-up business, the new owners bring some corporate clients with them such as the Port of Memphis and Gill Properties.

Customers can walk in and have their computer looked at, get a free estimate and will have their questions answered in plain English, Russ said.

“Everyone who comes in here, I want them to feel comfortable, be looked after and taken care of,” he said.

Most repairs can be made within 24 hours unless KC Computer is waiting on a part to be delivered.

It also offers a managed, certified backup service for $5 a month so clients won’t lose their data.

KC Computer has done community events with the Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce and other organizations and has participated in salvage events for electronics.

The new owners will have a ribbon-cutting on Friday, May 13, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Open to the public, there will be door prizes and refreshments available.

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