Letters to the editor

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Have an opinion? Write a letter to the editor at The Bartlett Express. We want to know what you think about city activities, your pet peeves or wishes, notes of thanks, or your comments on broader state, national, or global topics.

All views, respectfully presented, are welcome at The Bartlett Express.

Conversation guidelines

Letters should follow these guidelines:

  • Be original.
  • Avoid repetition.
  • Keep it short. Ideal letters are no more than 500 words, but letters of all lengths will be considered for publication.
  • Sign your name and city of residence.
  • Include your phone number for verification (not for publication).
  • Keep it clean.
  • Proofread it.

Where to send your letters

  • Hand deliver to: The Bartlett Express, 2850 Stage Village Cove, No. 5, Bartlett, Tenn.
  • Mail to: The Bartlett Express, attn: Letter to the Editor, P.O. Box 34967, Bartlett, TN 38184-0967.
  • Email to: carolyn@magicvalleypublishing.com with the subject as “Letter to the Editor/Bartlett” or “Guest column/Bartlett.”
  • Fax to: (901) 529-7687 with the subject as “Letter to the Editor/Bartlett” or “Guest column/Bartlett.”

Rights and responsibilities

Letter writers, columnists and commenters are solely responsible for their submitted contributions. The Bartlett Express is not responsible for opinion-page submissions; however, the newspaper has the right (but not the obligation) to review, screen, edit or refuse any submissions (a) that we deem, in our sole discretion, to be in violation of the guidelines or (b) that we choose to address for any other reason, as determined in The Bartlett Express’s sole discretion.