Going on a Bartlett Bear Hunt


While parents are out picking up groceries and doing other essential tasks during the Coronavirus-related shutdown, a fun activity might be to take the children on a Bartlett Bear Hunt.

Residents are encouraged to prop their favorite fluffy teddy bear in the window as a cheerful signal to their fellow citizens. People who are out and about can keep the little ones busy and distracted from Coronavirus worries, seeing who can spot the most Bartlett Bears.

Bartlett Mayor A. Keith McDonald saw the idea online and shared it on social media earlier this week, and it’s caught fire. Bears are popping up on front porch rocking chairs, mailboxes, windowsills and more.

“This looks like a lot of fun,” he said Tuesday.

People are limiting their travels to just what’s essential in light of a local executive order to stay at home and avoid exposure to the Coronavirus, but those who have to be out of the house can enjoy this bright moment.

Online, share your success with the hashtag #BartlettBearHunt. And email your best pics to carolyn@magicvalleypublishing.com or add them in the comments below. You can even pop a bear in one of your windows and then send a pic to us. We’ll publish the best!

(Editor’s note: By the way, does anyone else remember the children’s song, “Going on a Bear Hunt”?)