Family not hurt in Longacre house fire

A fire engulfed a home on Longacre Drive Friday, Jan. 20, but no one was in the house at the time and no injuries were reported.

The home at 5707 Longacre in a cove near Bartlett High School is owned by Will Murray, who took to Facebook to let people know he, his wife and daughter were not injured.

“That was our house and thank you for the prayers and support,” Murray posted. “We have some awesome neighbors and, while I can’t promise to remember your names (because I was in shock and am bad with names), I’ll remember your words forever. I also need to extend a very, very special thank you to the Bartlett firefighters who risked their lives today without hesitation. While a lot of irreplaceable items and other heirlooms were destroyed and the house is a gut job at best, we are alive and have each other. Things are replaceable. People are not.

“Miraculously, my wife found her engagement ring amongst the rubble that used to be our bedroom. My glasses had been trampled on, but were in perfect condition when I opened the case. While the fire nearly burned down the entire house, our daughter’s bedroom was untouched.

“Anyway, we have homeowners insurance which means that I no longer need to worry about scraping the popcorn ceilings in the kitchen and bedrooms because those ceilings are no longer there. It’s how you look at things.”

Neighbors and other Bartlett citizens offered their support, including Crandall Quinn, the wife of Bartlett Alderman Kevin Quinn. The Quinns were already getting donations of clothes for their daughter and asking what other needs the family had shortly after the fire was reported. A fund may be set up to help the Murray family in their time of need. If so, The Bartlett Express will publish an update for those who may be willing and able to help.

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