Entire community is asked to light homes in blue on Friday


pamelaMIRABELLA Express Editor

Organizers hope all of Bartlett, Lakeland and Arlington will light up their homes and porches with blue lights on Friday night as a way to show support for local law enforcement.

Mickey Keaton and Rebecca Mohon got the initiative kick-started several weeks ago.

Mohon said with all the negativity and controversy facing law enforcement officials these days, she wanted the Bartlett Police Department and Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to feel supported. “We want to say we care and love our men and women in uniform. They stand ready to protect us and it is time we gave back to them.”

Mohon’s Big League printing business is offering t-shirts and lawn signs that “back the blue” with all proceeds going directly to the area law enforcement departments.

Mohon said she hopes to see a blur of blue lights across the region beginning on Friday night, October 2 at 6 p.m. She said some neighbors have even said they plan on leaving their blue lights burning through the entire month of October.
For more information or to order a t-shirt or lawn sign,
check out Facebook page: @ bigleagueus. There is also a separate Facebook page about the event at: Bartlett light it up blue for our law enforcement.

Mohon finished, “They do so much for us, now it is our turn to do something for them.