Bartlett Water customers are NOT under Boil Water order


On Thursday, MLGW has issued a Boil Water order for customers on their system. According to Rick McClanahan, City Engineer and Director of Utilities, Bartlett Water customers do not fall into that category.

McClanahan said, “If you are a Bartlett Water customer this does not apply to you. The City of Bartlett operates a water system which is  separate  from the MLGW system and the MLGW boil water order DOES NOT apply to City of Bartlett Water customers at this time. The City of Bartlett Water System is currently isolated from the Memphis Light Gas and Water System.”

He continued, “Our production capacity and distribution system is intact and currently can supply the pressures and quantities necessary to service our customers.  Water provided by the City of Bartlett Water System is safe to drink and use and does not require boiling prior to use.”