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Bartlett Coffee: The Perfect Blend of Taste and Customer Service

By Daniel Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing Co., Inc. 

Fresh, Hot Coffee: Bartlett Coffee was onsite last weekend at the Bad Dog 5K & 10K. The race was to raise money to support The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis by honoring the life and commitment of John “Bad Dog” McCormack, a native Memphian and beloved radio personality, to “The Kids at The House.”

Bartlett Coffee is a mobile coffee business based in Bartlett, Tennessee that offers a variety of coffee blends, hot chocolate, and iced coffee to its customers. Owned and operated by Joseph Cavallo, a retired construction manager, Bartlett Coffee was born out of a simple request made at a gun show. Customers wanted coffee, and Joseph delivered. What started as a small operation at local events quickly grew into a successful business that now boasts an 18-foot-long truck and a loyal following of customers.

The Beginning of Bartlett Coffee

Joseph Cavallo started selling coffee at local events by using a brewer and a good brand of coffee. After seeing the demand for his product, he bought a concession trailer and started attending different local events, such as farmers’ markets, school activities, and fireworks shows. The success of his business allowed him to purchase an 18-foot-long truck, which he uses to attend two events simultaneously.

The Coffee Blends

Bartlett Coffee’s success can be attributed to the quality of its coffee blends. Joseph’s hometown in upstate New York introduced him to a coffee company called Utica Coffee, which he now sources his beans from. The company offers several blends, including Wake the Hell Up, which contains a cup and a half of caffeine per cup, and You’re Making Me Crazy, a Jamaican blend. Bartlett Coffee also offers house coffee, which comes in two different caffeine strengths, cannoli-flavored coffee and a variety of hot chocolate.

The Customer Service

Joseph takes pride in serving his customers with the utmost care and attention. He believes that customer service is paramount to everything and has built his business around this principle. He offers free coffee to veterans and first responders and does not compromise on the quality of his product.

Joseph also believes that consistency is key to any successful business. Even when he is not serving coffee, he is working on his business by reaching out to promoters, sending emails, and making phone calls. He ensures that his customers are always satisfied, and this has helped him build a loyal following.

The Future of Bartlett Coffee

Bartlett Coffee’s success is still growing, and the demand for its coffee blends is increasing. Joseph is planning to expand his business by increasing his online presence and working on his website, which currently offers local delivery and shipping. He also plans to continue attending local events, such as the Memphis Road Runners and the Navy 10 Nautical Mile, and offer his delicious coffee blends to more customers.

Bartlett Coffee is a perfect example of a successful business built around quality products and excellent customer service. Joseph Cavallo’s passion for coffee and dedication to his customers has helped him create a loyal following and allowed him to expand his business. Bartlett Coffee is an inspiration to anyone looking to start their own business and shows that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

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