2 robbers wield pistols, baseball bat in attack on Bartlett couple

Robbers attacked a Bartlett couple in their own driveway with a baseball bat and a gun on April 3.

Officers responded to the scene just before 9 p.m. The wife said she drove up into her driveway, went inside, sorted the mail and stepped outside with some mail for a neighbor. Outside, she met her husband, who had just pulled into the garage. They were walking down the driveway when two male suspects ran through the front yard toward them.

She screamed and began running south, but she fell at the edge of the driveway. One suspect (a black male wearing camouflage) held a handgun and a wooden bat. He bashed her in the legs with the bat while demanding her wedding ring. She handed it over but kept screaming.

Meanwhile, the husband said, the other suspect (a black male with facial hair and also wearing camouflage) ordered him to lie face down on the driveway in front of the garage. The suspect demanded his gold wedding ring and watch. The suspects then began to leave but returned and also demanded his wallet. He handed it over — a black leather wallet containing cash, an American Express credit card, a Tennessee driver’s license and a Tennessee gun permit.

Both suspects then ran back through the victims’ front yard to a light-colored sedan parked facing northbound directly in front of their home. The vehicle was last seen headed north on Vanderschaff Drive.

One of the responding officers observed several lacerations on the wife’s feet and dirt on her backside. No other information has been released about injuries or the victims’ ages.

The assault and robbery remain under investigation, and Bartlett Police are not releasing the victims’ name or address for safety reasons.