See a bleak future after prison? Free program offers training, support

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Pathway to Dignity is now recruiting new clients for the 2019 spring class. The six-month local program is free and is designed to break the cycle of self-defeat for people re-entering their communities and the workforce after incarceration.

The curriculum includes classes, life coaching, ACE’s assessments, maintenance technical assistance training and hands-on support. After clients graduate, the program actively works with we actively work with our clients to place them in meaningful jobs at living wages. The program assists employers in the hiring process and continues to support them and their new hires for a minimum of two years.

According to the website,, most formerly incarcerated individuals leave prison only to face the same circumstances that led to their incarceration. Within 3 years of release, 67 percent of inmates are incarcerated again, and 20 percent of re-arrests occur within the first six months.

Pathway to Dignity is a non-profit program that prepares participants to re-enter society by providing the support necessary to succeed in all phases of their lives. By offering ex-offenders a chance to acquire the motivation and skills they need for wholesome lives in the community and workplace, the program puts them on the path to finding meaningful jobs at a livable wage. At the same time, an integral part of the program is supporting the employers who hire them.

For more information, contact Executive Director Deloris Clayborne at (901) 270-0050 or email