Mid-South youths sing, dance through ‘High School Musical’

Disney’s “High School Musical,” performed by Bartlett-area youths this past weekend, tells the story of the students at East High singing and dancing to an infectious pop score. Think Romeo and Juliet meets “Glee”: A popular high school basketball star and a shy, brainy transfer student discover they share a secret passion for musical theater. When they sign up together to audition for the high school musical, it threatens East High’s social order and sends their peers into a hilarious uproar.

BPACC Director Michael Bollinger said, “‘High School Musical’ was a great success. It was a strong production. An energetic production. The Youth Theatre really had their hearts in it … which made all the difference.”

He also noted that all performances sold out. Combined with the preview, 1,200 enjoyed this show.

Among the youths participating at Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center were:

  • Principals: Jackson Casteel as Troy, Delaney Smith as Gabriella, Joshua LaVoice as Ryan, Penny Rosenberg as Sharpay, Brandon Toste as Jack, Maggie Norris as Kelsie, Eddie Schauwecker as Chad, Breezy Edmiston as Taylor, Matthew Brooks as Zeke (Dance Captain), Isabella Osborne as Martha, Emily Garrett as Ms. Darbus, Heather Lamica as Ms. Tenney and Paul Wright as Coach
  • Jocks: Andrew Christenson, Antonio Hardin, Kade Hill, Luca De Jong, Aric Lemont, Antuane Oliver and Jacob Vaughn
    Cheerleaders: Aurora Ahlstrom, Lily Doriot, Anna Kate Harris, Sadie Shaeffer, Morgan Thomas and Danielle Vaughn
  • Thespians: Perri Balentine, Em Coates, Isabella DeFir, Lauren Jewell, Elena Lamica, Amy Lemont, Jocelyn Schulte, Natalee Thomas and Abigail Vaughn
  • Brainiacs: Ashuntee’ Hill, Elisa Klemm, Anna Melby, Natalie Taylor and Madeline Wright
  • Skaters: CQ Gintz, Annabelle Hall, Luca De Jong, Mia Ottinger, Rebekah Pickett and Sara Williams
  • Youth Tech Crew: Noah Domino, Luke Freeman, Jaxon Heidenreich and Joy Lawson