Saint Francis-Memphis debuts its Family Birthing Center

The Saint Francis Family Birthing Center in Memphis, unveiled on Feb. 20, was designed to provide a positive, family-friendly environment that is centered on mother and baby’s emotional well-being as well as physical needs. Mother and baby’s health, comfort, and convenience are the priorities.

The postpartum floor features suites where the mother can rest comfortably in a spa-like environment with a private bath and sleeping area while families can bond in the adjoining spacious family room complete with sofa, restroom and dinette.

The physicians and nurses of the Family Birthing Center provide basic care for healthy newborns with minimal intrusion on each family’s time.

The Level II Nursery is reserved for infants in need of special medical care. Clinical specialists, including neonatal respiratory therapists, and highly trained nurses work with neonatologists around the clock to ensure these babies and their families are given the attention and support they need – physically and emotionally. The hospital keeps parents informed about the special care these babies require and provide any necessary education.

At Saint Francis, baby’s safety is the priority, which is why the facility operates a secured unit with a high-quality security system and procedures in place. All visitors are required to show a picture ID to obtain a daily pass upon entrance.

For more information, call (901) 765-1761.