New book encourages readers to be ‘The Gospel Conversationalist’

HIXSON, Tenn. – In author Sam Greer’s new book, “The Gospel Conversationalist: How Jesus Engaged the Lost in Everyday Life” (published by WestBow Press), he introduces the idea of being a Gospel conversationalists and how to be one.

Whether on a social media platform, phone or video calls, texting or face-to-face interactions, conversations are happening nonstop. Greer states that many of these are gossip, but he stresses that the most important discussions center on the teachings of Jesus.

Greer asserts Jesus was the original Gospel conversationalist and that what Jesus said and how He said it should influence Jesus’ followers to speak in the same manner. When Jesus engaged in one-on-one conversations, he spoke the language of the person with whom he was speaking, according to Greer. For example, Jesus spoke to the woman at the well about water to share the Gospel with her.

By considering Jesus’ conversational approach to sharing the truth of the Word, the book seeks to mine through some of Jesus’s encounters for applicable principles for becoming a Gospel conversationalist.

“The Gospel Conversationalist” is 124 pages and is available in hardcover (ISBN 9781973643050), softcover (ISBN 9781973643043) and ebook format (ISBN 9781973643036) at and Barnes & Noble.

AUTHOR BIO: Sam Greer has served as a Tennessee church pastor since 2004. After leading two congregations in Louisiana, Greer was led to Red Bank Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tenn., where he has served as senior pastor since 2012. He received a bachelor of arts degree from Millsaps College and received a master of divinity, master of theology and doctorate in philosophy degrees from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Greer and his wife, Tonya, have two daughters, Braydee and Belle. “The Gospel Conversation” is his first book.