Application period opens for 2019 spring turkey quota hunts

At adult size, a wild male turkey is the largest North American ground-nesting bird. It’s also fast, with a running speed of 25 miles per hour and short-distance flights that can nevertheless reach 60 miles per hour. Data source: Scientific American; image by Dulcey Lima via

NASHVILLE – The application period for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency 2019 Spring Turkey Quota Hunts is now through Jan. 16.

Applications are available and will be accepted at any TWRA license agent, TWRA regional office or online at website. Applications can be accepted until 11:59 p.m. (CST) on Jan. 16. Mailed applications will not be accepted.

The areas available for the hunts are listed on the instruction sheet. Hunters have up to 13 choices but will be drawn for only one. Applicants may not use the same hunt code more than once. (Hunt codes are the numbers listed below as Hunt 01, etc.) There are a total of 13 hunts listed and five youth-only hunts. No person may apply more than once. A computer drawing will be held to determine the successful applications based on the priority drawing system.

Youth hunters (ages 6-16 by the date of the hunt) may submit one application for the regular quota hunt and one application for the youth-only quota hunt.

A permit fee will not be charged to Annual Sportsman (Type 004), Lifetime Sportsman (Types 401-406) license holders or seniors with an Annual Senior Sportsman License (Type 167). For all other license holders, the cost is $12 per permit plus the $1 agent fee. There is a $2 fee if application is made on the Internet.

When applying at a license agent, hunters must remain at the location while the application is processed. Hunters will receive a receipt with a confirmation number when the application is complete.

Hunters with Internet access may apply for a spring turkey quota hunt online by visiting Once the Internet site has been accessed, hunters can follow the on-screen directions.

The 2019 statewide turkey season is March 30-May 12. The statewide Young Sportsman Hunt is March 23-24.

  • Hunt 01: Chuck Swan State Forest, March 21-23, quota of 150
  • Hunt 02: Chuck Swan State Forest, March 28-30, quota of 150
  • Hunt 3: Chuck Swan State Forest, April 4-6, quota of 150
  • Hunt 04: Chuck Swan State Forest, April 11-13, quota of 150
  • Hunt 05: Chuck Swan State Forest, April 18-20, quota of 150
  • Hunt 06: Happy Hollow, March 30-April 2, quota of 50
  • Hunt 07: Happy Hollow, April 20-23, quota of 50
  • Hunt 08: Oak Ridge, April 13-14, quota of 225
  • Hunt 09: Oak Ridge, April 27-28, quota of 225
  • Hunt 10: Yuchi Refuge, March 22-24, quota of 10
  • Hunt 11: Yuchi Refuge, April 5-7, quota of 10
  • Hunt 12: Yuchi Refuge, April 19-21, quota of 10
  • Hunt 13: Yuchi Refuge, May 3-5, quota of 10

Youth-only hunts include:

  • Tellico West, March 23-24, quota of 5
  • Tellico West, April 20-21, quota of 5
  • Tellico (McGhee Carson Unit) March 23-24, quota of 5
  • Tellico (McGhee Carson Unit) April 20-21, quota of 5
  • Yuchi Refuge, March 16-17, quota of 15