MLGW rolls out cool tools for Community Helpers Day at Bartlett Elementary

MLGW’s drill crew leader Ronnie Carter of Gas Distribution fist bumps a student from Bartlett Elementary on Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Big trucks and heavy equipment impressed and at times, puzzled students from special education teacher Brooke Visor’s class and the preschool class of teacher Susan Keys on Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Crews from MLGW’s Gas Distribution and Gas Transmission showed how a mini-excavator, directional boring drill and utility terrain vehicle worked.

Visor said, “This is awesome,” Visor said. “Y’all made their day.”

Other schools or community groups that want to invite MLGW to appear can fill out a speaker request form online at

Special Education teacher Brooke Visor, at left, along with a parent and students, reacts to the large machinery MLGW brought to Bartlett Elementary recently. Courtesy photos.