Briarcrest News

Briarcrest Christian School has provided the following announcements about its students’ accomplishments, honors and activities.

Basketball Homecoming Court named at Briarcrest

Briarcrest Christian School has announced its 2018-2019 Basketball Homecoming Court:

  • 9th grade: Clair Evans of Collierville
  • 10th grade: Hayes Hasseltine and Leslie Lynn, both of Collierville
  • 11th grade: Maddie Allen of Collierville, Summer Parks of Eads and Riley Willard of Lakeland
  • 12th grade: Hannah Heinz of Collierville, Camille Moffat of Cordova, Jada Okhiria of Memphis and Anna Strong of Eads

BCHS art students travel to Crystal Bridges Art Museum

Art is not about drawing and painting in the 21st century; it is about communicating and connecting. For this reason, Jenna Fergus, Briarcrest Christian High School’s visual arts teacher, and Lynn Williams, Briarcrest’s director of instructional technology and accreditation, recently took a group of students to the Ozarks’ Museum of American Art, Crystal Bridges. The group toured the museum and the town of Bentonville, including the Walton Museum and a visit to the old-time soda fountain, the 21C Hotel Museum and several outdoor exhibitions of art.

Each of the galleries at Crystal Bridges is arranged with the intent of connection. Alice Walton, of Walmart fame, created the museum with a four-pillar philosophy in mind. She believes in sustaining and enhancing the environment, bringing it indoors with architecture that fits perfectly into the natural surroundings, displaying art that supports Americana, and wrapping it all within an educational worldview. Most of the exhibits are free of charge.

Crystal Bridges is named for the area in which she played and picnicked as a child, Crystal Springs, and the aesthetic of the covered bridges created by well renowned Israeli-American architect, Moshe Safdie.

Even the food on the trip was artful. From Crêpes Paulette to the restaurant at 21C’s Hotel Museum, The Hive, the group enjoyed French fries and desserts all weekend long. On the way home the students traveled to Hot Springs, Ark., to see the architecture of Maurice Jennings at the Anthony Chapel, which is nestled among the Ozarks.

The entire trip was wrapped in devotions from the book of John 12: 42-50 with an emphasis on verse 46, “I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should never walk in darkness.”

Jenna and Lynn said they are grateful for Elaine Hyde, mother to Tay Hyde and stellar Solitaire player, for her help with all of the logistics of the trip.

BCMS artists create clay houses for charitable fundraiser

BCMS’ seventh-grade art students and the BCMS Art Club created over 30 clay houses they call “Cottages of Hope.” After these candlelight cottages were glazed and fired, they were sold at the Tennessee Art Education Association (TAEA) Fall Conference in Gatlinburg. All proceeds from the sale of these sculptures will benefit the relief effort in the Southeast after the devastation from Hurricanes Florence and Michael.

“Students seemed genuinely excited to discover that their art can be used in a real way to help those in need,” said art teacher Melody Weintraub, who is president-elect of the TAEA. Weintraub also said that after she posted the first photos of these houses, art teachers in other states decided to adopt the project too. “I’m so thankful that Briarcrest supports and encourages us to help students experience this kind of service learning. It’s just amazing to see how God is already using a simple project to make a world of difference in the lives of others.”

Record-breaking number of BCS students on TN All-State Honor Choir

The following Briarcrest Christian School students were chosen for the Tennessee All-State Honor Choir: Morgen Story, First Chair SSAA S1, of Germantown; Peyton Tarver, First Chair SATB A1, of Cordova; Sarah Mikkola, Second Chair SSAA A2, of Collierville; Avery Veteto, Third Chair SATB A2, of Germantown; Lauren Green, Eighth Chair SSAA A2, of Cordova; Benjamin Cheng, Second Chair SATB T2, of Lakeland; Taylor Elliott, Fifth Chair SATB T2 of Bartlett; and Ethan Maness, Third Chair SATB B2, of Memphis.

The following students were chosen as alternates: Katherine Benoit, Third Alternate SSAA S2, of Germantown; Sassy Mednikow, First Alternate SSAA A1, of Memphis; Josh Tarver, First Alternate SATB T2, of Cordova; Jack Hollis, Fifth Alternate TTBB T2, of Memphis; and West Sepko, Third Alternate TTBB B1, of Piperton.

This ties the best showing of All State students that Briarcrest has ever had in its history.

BCS students qualify for 2018 BCS All-Southwest Honor Choir

The following BCS students qualified for the 2018 All-Southwest Honor Choir: Morgen Story of Germantown; Nadia Holt and Sassy Mednikow, both Memphis; Lauren Green, Alyssa Williams, Peyton Tarver, Josh Tarver and Jennifer Young, all of Cordova; David Clark, Kristin Stewart and Jessa Ripley, all of Eads; Katherine Benoit Anna Baccus, both of Collierville; Olivia Cheng and Benjamin Cheng, both of Lakeland; Isabelle Johnson of Oakland; Avery Veteto of Germantown; Kathryn Miller of Arlington; Taylor Elliott of Bartlett; Jack Hollis and Ethan Maness, both of Memphis; and West Sepko of Piperton.