Debunking Black Friday myths

Black Friday arrives every year, and with it sometimes comes a bit of misinformation. As shoppers prep their wish lists, separating the Black Friday facts from fiction can make the day that much more successful.

Myth: There’s no need to shop on Black Friday because of the Black Friday ‘creep’ phenomenon.

Fact: Although many stores offer sales throughout Thanksgiving weekend, some stores limit their deepest discounts to Black Friday itself. Shoppers who are seeking tech gifts or other hot items should know that Black Friday often provides the best chance to grab these items at deeply discounted prices.

Myth: All stores are chaotic on Black Friday.

Fact: Many retailers have redesigned their Black Friday models to alleviate safety concerns. Some may offer specific doorbusters throughout the day. Therefore, shoppers can schedule their shopping trips around when items they’re targeting are going on sale.

Myth: Online shopping is much easier.

Fact: While there is a certain convenience to online shopping, many sales are time-sensitive and may appear one minute and sell out the next. This could result in being tied to a computer or tablet all day seeking sales. Visiting stores on Black Friday enables shoppers to make their purchases immediately, saving them the potential hassle of dealing with disappearing deals, while also saving them money on shipping costs.

Myth: Only big box retailers participate in Black Friday deals.

Fact: The Black Friday phenomenon is not limited to big box retailers. While big box stores may get the most attention thanks to their sizable advertising budgets and national reach, local businesses also offer their share of Black Friday savings. What’s more, stores shoppers may not immediately associate with Black Friday deals may be well worth a visit. These can include drug and sundries stores, outlet shopping centers, home improvement retailers, and much more.

Myth: Black Friday shopping can quickly bust holiday budgets.

Fact: Consumers can approach Black Friday shopping as they would any other retail excursion. By sticking to a list and avoiding impulse purchases, it’s possible for shoppers to stay within their budgets.

Black Friday is an ideal opportunity to save money and score big-ticket items.