Bartlett Police Reports for Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2018

The Bartlett Police Report for Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2018, lists the most notable crimes for that period as reported by the Bartlett Police Department; it does not necessarily reflect all police activity. All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed BPD reports.

Vehicle related

Germantown Road: Someone stole parts off the front end of a vehicle while it was parked in the lot of Infinity of Memphis (3060 Germantown Road) sometime during Oct. 27-29. Reported Oct. 29.

Piney River Road: Someone stole a backpack and several electronic devices from an unlocked vehicle overnight on Oct. 29. Reported Oct. 30.

Maher Trail: A man reported that someone stole his vehicle from his driveway overnight on Oct. 29. He said it might have been unlocked, and it contained a key fob that was believed to have a dead battery inside it that might have been used to start the car. Several personal items were also inside the vehicle. Reported Oct. 30.

Maher Valley Cove: Someone burglarized a woman’s vehicle overnight on Oct. 29. The responding officer found multiple scratches from a pry bar or other tool on the inside of the door jamb. Items taken included clothing and credit cards. A second victim said his vehicle was also parked on the street in front of that home; it was rummaged through but nothing was taken. Reported Oct. 30.

Doefield Trail: A man said his handgun was stolen from his vehicle sometime over the past week. He said he doesn’t leave his vehicle unlocked at night and doesn’t know how someone entered his vehicle. Reported Oct. 31.

Tylertown Cove: A man confronted two males he found rummaging through his vehicle on Nov. 2 around 1:45 a.m., and they fled southbound. He said they didn’t steal anything. Another witness saw the suspects entering a white van parked at Yates and Tylertown, leaving the area. Reported Nov. 2.

West Grove Drive: A man said someone broke the rear passenger window to his truck overnight on Nov. 1 and punched out the driver’s door lock, but nothing was taken. Reported Nov. 2.

Tylertown Avenue: A man reported that someone rummaged through his truck and took several work-related items sometime during Oct. 30-Nov. 2. He said he leaves the vehicle locked but believes one of his children must have left it unlocked by mistake. Reported Nov. 2.

Blackheath Drive: A woman said a guest at her home was only there about six minutes before they went outside and found their car doors had been opened. The first victim thought she had locked her doors, but there were no signs of forced entry. Someone had stolen several items from both vehicles. Reported Nov. 2.

St. Elmo and Stone Hill: Officers patrolling the area responded to several auto burglary reports late on Nov. 2. They stopped two people they saw run from one of the homes on Stonehill and jump into a vehicle. A search of the immediate area uncovered multiple vehicles with the doors open and the interiors rummaged through. They arrested the suspects.

Sycamore Manor Cove: A patrolling officer found a vehicle with an open driver’s door and signs it had been rummaged through. The victim said he left it parked there the previous night, and nothing had been stolen. Reported Nov. 3.

Blackheath Drive: A man said someone rummaged through his vehicle overnight on Nov. 2 and left the front passenger door ajar, but nothing was stolen. Reported Nov. 3.

Montpelier Drive: Someone rummaged through a woman’s vehicle overnight on Nov. 2 but stole nothing. Reported Nov. 3.

Windy Scape Drive: A woman said that someone entered her unlocked vehicle overnight on Nov. 2 and stolen several small electronic items. Reported Nov. 3.

Chesterfield Cove: A woman found her vehicle’s passenger side door ajar early on Nov. 4, but nothing was stolen or damaged. Reported Nov. 4.

Peyton Randolph Street: An officer investigating another incident near Peyton Randolph Street was advised of another auto burglary in the area. He found a vehicle with the front passenger door open. The owner said nothing was stolen, but he said whoever broke into it must have opened the garage with the garage door opener in the vehicle. Nothing was taken in the garage either, although someone had moved items around. Reported Nov. 4.

Thefts and burglaries

U.S. 70: Someone broke into the Exxon Gas station (6861 U.S. 70) overnight on Oct. 30. Security video showed a male wearing black pants, a black hoodie, white sneakers and a white mask throwing a rock through the front around 5:34 a.m. The suspect entered the business, took two cash drawers and stole an undetermined amount of cigarette packs and cartons. The suspect fled to the southwest corner of the store before disappearing from view. Reported Oct. 31.

Montpelier: Someone entered a home’s carport during Nov. 2-3 and took a Roadmaster bicycle. Reported Nov. 4.

Stage Road: A witness alerted a juvenile customer at Andy B’s on Nov. 4 that someone had just stolen her wallet from a table and fled the bowling alley. The witness tried to chase the suspect. Surveillance footage showed the theft. Reported Nov. 4.

Other incidents

Ivy Lake Cove: A man received a Pottery Barn letter on Oct. 31, saying he had been approved for an account. He found that someone had tried to open the account with his Social Security Number. He was not sure when his Social Security Number became compromised. Reported Oct. 31.

U.S. 64: A part of six dining at Longhorn Steakhouse (8324 U.S. 64) amassed a bill totaling $143 and left without paying, according to the manager. Reported Nov. 3.