Bartlett Police Reports for Sept. 24-30, 2018

A Bartlett Police officer picks up the back end of his K9 partner to demonstrate how fiercely the police dog is hanging onto a suspect wearing a protective “bite suit.” The demonstration was part of activities at the 2018 Bartlett Festival. For the dog, it was all play, and his tail didn’t stop wagging the entire time. Photo by Carolyn Bahm.

The Bartlett Police Report for Sept. 24-30 lists the most notable crimes for that period as reported by the Bartlett Police Department; it does not necessarily reflect all police activity. All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed BPD reports.


Pine Oak Lane: Someone rummaged through a man’s unlocked vehicle the night of Sept. 23 and stole the garage remote. Reported Sept. 24.

Ladurl Cove: A man said he loaded several items into a vehicle parked at the dead end of Ladurl Cove around 8:30 p.m. Sept. 24. He started the vehicle to charge the batteries overnight and then locked it. When he returned around 8:20 a.m. the next morning, the vehicle was gone. Reported Sept. 25.

Bailey Drive: Someone stole the license plate off a man’s vehicle while it was parked in his driveway overnight on Sept. 25. He noticed the missing plate when his backup camera was not working the next morning. Reported Sept. 26.

Stage Road: A man reported that someone stole items from his vehicle sometime during Sept. 24-26. He had it towed to Sunrise Buick (8500 Stage Road) with the keys inside on Sept. 24 for repairs. When he picked it up around 5 p.m. Sept. 26, the following items were missing: A gun magazine from the lockbox under the front driver’s seat and a ballistic vest from the trunk. Reported Sept. 26.

Crest Cove: A woman said someone rummaged through her unlocked vehicles overnight, but nothing was taken. Reported Sept. 27.

Crest Cove: A man said someone rifled through his work truck overnight and stole a .40-caliber pistol, leaving other expensive equipment untouched. His wife’s vehicle was also rummaged through but nothing was taken. Both vehicles had been left unlocked. Reported Sept. 27.

Westbrook Road: A man said someone entered his unlocked vehicle overnight and stole several items. Reported Sept. 27.

Greencedar Lane: A man reported that someone entered his car and stole several items. He said he locked the doors when he parked around midnight Sept. 26. Around 10:30 a.m. Sept. 27, he noticed his glove compartment was open.

Bluff Springs Drive: A man’s security system recorded a male intruder trying to open the locked door of his car parked in his driveway around 3:55 a.m. Sept. 28. A few minutes later, the system recorded a second male running in front of his home down to the corner and meeting up with the other suspect. Reported Sept. 28.

Bluff Springs Cove: Someone stole a handgun from the middle console of a man’s vehicle. He wasn’t aware when the theft occurred and didn’t recall a time when the vehicle was left unlocked. The responding officer didn’t see any signs of forced entry into the vehicle. Reported Sept. 30.

Thefts & burglaries

Galvin Cove: Someone illegally entered a man’s backyard shed and stole several pieces of lawn equipment between Sept. 21 and 24. His fence and the shed were both left unlocked. Reported Sept. 25.

Shady Oaks: A woman reported that someone stole a 9mm pistol from under the mattress in the master bedroom while she was out of town Sept. 13-16. There was no sign of forced entry to the residence. Reported Sept. 26.

Memphis Arlington Road: An officer responded to an attempted burglary at 5 Way Mart (7331 Memphis Arlington Road) at 3:43 a.m. Sept. 27. The window in the front door was shattered, but no one entered the business. Video footage showed a suspect throwing a rock into the window and then fleeing southbound. Reported Sept. 27.

Altruria Road: An officer responded to a 5:40 a.m. alarm at 4230 Altruria Road on Sept. 27. The front glass door of the business was shattered, and the cash drawer was missing. Reported Sept. 27.

Beechill Drive: A man reported that someone stole an iPhone 6 and his sunglasses from his fireplace mantle sometime during Sept. 26-27. He believes he knows who the suspect is. Reported Sept. 27.


Memphis Arlington Road: A woman reported that her debit card had been skimmed, possibly at Pump No. 5 at Flash Market (6505 Memphis Arlington Road) on Sept. 21. The victim said she found four fraudulent transactions on her Bank of America debit card the next morning. The store clerk told the officer she had heard of prior complaints of card skimming but no skimmer was on the pump when she checked. Reported Sept. 25.

U.S. 64: A spokesman for Walmart (8400 U.S. 64) reported that shoplifting suspects passed all points of sale without paying for several items on Sept. 27 and fled eastbound on U.S. 64. Officers pulled the suspects’ vehicle over at U.S. 64 and Kate Bond. Walmart provided a list of the stolen items, which were found on the suspects along with several types of illegal drugs. Reported Sept. 27.

Stage Road: A man said a woman scammed him out of $650. He had bought an iPhone from the woman in the past and it worked fine, so when she offered another phone for sale he agreed to meet her in the parking lot of AT&T (5985 Stage Road). He said she claimed to work for AT&T and could offer him a new Apple iPhone XS (black, 64 GB) for just $650 but he had to meet her there. He said she went into the store but didn’t return. So he called her phone number, but the call went straight to voice mail. Then he entered the store, and the staff told him she doesn’t work there and they don’t know her. Reported Sept. 27.

Westbrook: A man reported that someone defrauded him with a phone call on Sept. 28. He got a call from an unknown suspect claiming to work for Microsoft Corporation and saying he had 189 “hacks” on his home desktop computer. She transferred him to a man who said he could fix the problems if the owner would pay him with $500 Google Play gift cards. The male suspect said the owner could only buy the cards from a Kroger, Dollar General or Dollar Tree and should not tell anyone about the purchase. He advised the victim that if anyone asked what the cards were for, he should say they are gifts for his grandchildren so the cards would not be taxed.

The caller told him not to hang up his house phone while he went to buy a $500 card. When he returned, he gave the card number to the male suspect, who then said he needed more money to fix the hacks. The victim then bought $3,000 in Google Play gift cards.

The victim said while they were talking the male suspect was operating the victim’s computer remotely. Reported Sept. 28.