Bartlett Police Reports for Sept. 10-16, 2018

The Bartlett Police Report for Sept. 10-16 lists the most notable crimes for that period as reported by the Bartlett Police Department; it does not necessarily reflect all police activity. All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed BPD reports.


Alfaree Street: Someone rummaged through a woman’s vehicle while it was parked in her carport overnight. Nothing appeared to be missing. Reported Sept. 10.

Virgil Road: A man reported that someone entered his unlocked vehicle overnight and stole a bag of belongings. Reported Sept. 10.

Virgil Road: Someone entered a woman’s unlocked vehicle while it was parked in her driveway overnight and stole a jar containing about $200 in coins. Reported Sept. 10.

Stage Road: A woman reported that someone entered her unlocked vehicle overnight and took about $8 in change from her middle console. Reported Sept. 10.

Alfaree Street: Someone entered a woman’s vehicle, possibly left unlocked overnight, and stole a Coach bag containing a Dell laptop. The responding officer didn’t see any signs of forced entry. Reported Sept. 10.

Stage Road: A woman reported that she went to Kroger (5995 Stage Road) and then Mapco (6127 Stage Road) on Sept. 10. When she got home, her Kroger bag was missing. She said she might have left her vehicle unlocked while at Mapco. Reported Sept. 11.

Kate Bond Road: Someone punched the driver’s side door lock on a man’s vehicle parked overnight on the southeast side of Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett (2986 Kate Bond Road). Items taken included a wallet, cash and several personal items. Reported Sept. 12.

Yale Road: A man reported that someone stole his truck after it broke down and he left it on the south side of Yale Road around 11 p.m. Sept. 8. It was still there on Sept. 9 but gone when he checked again on Sept. 11. Police dispatch checked, but the truck had not been towed. Reported Sept. 12.

Germantown Road: A spokesman for Wolfchase Nissan (2956 Germantown Road) reported that someone who rented a car on Aug. 18 didn’t return it as arranged on Aug. 20. An attempt to charge the credit card on file for the extra time was declined. The dealership has tried several times to contact the suspect. He responded to a text message on Sept. 12 saying he would return the rental on Sept. 13, but he did not. Reported Sept. 14.

Sycamore View Road: Someone stole a wallet and an iPhone 8+ from a woman’s car left unlocked overnight in her carport. She received a cell phone alert that someone used her credit card. Reported Sept. 15.

U.S. 64: A customer at Malco (7930 U.S. 64) reported that someone punched the lock on his vehicle’s driver’s side front door and removed the plastic covering his steering column the night of Sept. 15. Nothing was stolen. While the officer was on scene, another victim reported that his vehicle’s door lock was also punched and items were missing.

U.S. 64: The manager at Sunrise Buick (8500 U.S. 64) noticed an all-black Nissan Maxima parked in the northwest corner of the lot for several minutes on Sept. 15. When he approached, the driver sped off. The manager later saw that a GMC Denali truck in that part of the lot was missing its rims and tires.

U.S. 64: The security guard at Sunrise GMC (8500 U.S. 64) reported hearing a loud noise on the northeast side of the building around 2:05 a.m. Sept. 16. He drove to the area and saw two males carrying tires to the Abra parking lot, where they entered a dark four-door sedan and headed south on Brunswick Road. The guard found a black GMC Yukon sitting on rocks with all four tires removed. Two tires were sitting by the car and the other two were missing.

Kate Bond Road: A man who spent all evening at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett on Sept. 16 returned to find someone had pierced the lock on his driver’s side door and stolen his firearm.

Thefts and burglaries

Burton Church Cove: A man reported that someone entered his home on Sept. 10 while he was at work, rummaged through multiple drawers, stole some clothing and left the rear door open. There were no signs of forced entry.

Thistle Valley Lane: Sometime between Sept. 9 and 10, a suspect entered a woman’s garage and stole a children’s bicycle.

Oak Road: A woman reported that she recently hired a contractor that subcontracted some work to another man. She fired the subcontractor on Sept. 10 because he seemed intoxicated. She later saw him pull into her driveway in a white SUV and remove a table saw that didn’t belong to him from the carport’s utility closet. Reported Sept. 11.

Bristol Park Drive: Officers responded to an apartment’s burglar alarm around 2 p.m. Sept. 12 and found the front door ajar with damaged latches and door frame. The alarm panel inside was removed and thrown on the floor with wires hanging out. The master bedroom was in disarray and someone had opened the dresser drawers. The TV in the living room was knocked down, breaking a glass coffee table. Below the TV were the pieces of a broken plate and a tube of super glue. A UPS package was left undisturbed on the apartment’s front porch. Officers weren’t able to contact the apartment’s resident.

Unspecified location: A woman reported that her laptop went missing from her home between Sept. 11 and 12. She said a family member may be responsible.

Stage Hills: A man reported the theft of lawn equipment from his trailer on Sept. 12. A witness told one of his workers he saw a silver Honda Accord pull up and someone steal the items.

U.S. 70: A customer at Kroger (7615 U.S. 70) said she put her wallet in the front of her shopping cart on Sept. 7 and later paid for her items with a debit card from her pants pocket. She didn’t notice her wallet was missing until Sept. 9. She received noticed on Sept. 10 that someone had fraudulently used her credit card several times. Reported Sept. 12.

Deermont Drive: A man said someone entered his unlocked car on Sept. 13 and stole his iPhone and $50. Reported Sept. 14.

Brunswick Road: A property owner reported that someone burglarized a home his late son had been using. Between Sept. 14 and 15, someone took three guns, several knives and other miscellaneous property.

Bartlett View Lane: A woman reported that someone entered her unlocked apartment and stole her Samsung TV on Sept. 15. A witness saw the known suspects carrying the item, she said, but the responding officer wasn’t able to locate the witness and speak with him.


Rockyford Road: A man reported hearing an unusual noise when he backed his vehicle out of the driveway on Sept. 10, but he didn’t see anything and so kept driving. Then his low tire pressure light came on, and he returned home. He found nails in both of his driver’s side tires. He also found nails propped up on both driver’s side tires of his second vehicle.

Catalpa Hill: A complainant reported that someone vandalized the street sign at the Catalpa Hill and Centralia intersection with blue paint, as well as the stop sign at Scepter Cove. Reported Sept. 12.


Unspecified location: A man said Suntrust Bank (6633 Stage Road) notified him that an account had been opened in his name, but he has never used or opened an account at any Suntrust Bank. Reported Sept. 15.