MLGW: Hidden costs, delays in third-party billing website

Memphis Light, Gas and Water is warning customers that using a third-party online bill paying service can cost more and delay payment. uses MLGW’s logo and captures MLGW’s website home page, but it is not an authorized website to pay your MLGW utility bill.

A statement from MLGW notes: “The online service may charge extra fees, and MLGW is unable to control when we will receive the payment. That could result in MLGW disconnecting utility service or adding late fee charges for customers who use Doxo. One MLGW customer indicated she paid a $16 fee on the Doxo app she downloaded onto her cellphone.”

To be safe, pay directly to MLGW by going to, the company advises. If you locate the corporate site via a search engine, be sure you are clicking on and not a third-party bill payment service.

MLGW customers can sign up for “My Account” services and check the eBilling option for paper-free billing. It’s easy and it’s free, and you can get email notices when your bill is due. The “My Account” portal lets customers view bills, make payments, analyze charges, explore usage and find ways to save.

The Bartlett Express found several other similar bill payment services online in addition to

The MLGW app, which is available for download to smart phones, is labeled to say it now allows bill payment via the app. However, an online review describes a cumbersome process where the app just redirects the user to a website where another (different) login is required.