First day of school

Bartlett City Schools kept the streets around their 11 schools buzzing on Monday, Aug. 13. The 2018-19 school year has begun!

Buses were lined up down the street and around the corner at Bartlett High as the clock moved closer to first bell at 7 a.m. Monday. A district spokesman said the high school renovation project that kicked off this summer is still progressing as planned and remains on schedule. Photos by Carolyn Bahm.
Students in their first-day-of-school fashions greet friends, snap a few selfies and finish their last calls of the morning before classes start at Bartlett High School Monday. They are returning to a school that has completed a summer’s work on Phase 1 of the BHS renovation – demolishing C Building, the old Band Building and part of the main building. Utilities have been restored and are operational, and the new construction phase is ready to begin.


This Altruria Elementary student arrives with a colorful bouquet to brighten his teacher’s desk. He’s one of about 9,000 children in Bartlett City Schools who began warming a desk for another school year on Monday morning.