Bartlett Police Reports for July 16-29, 2018

Bartlett Police Department badgeThe Bartlett Police Report for July 16-29 lists the most notable crimes for that period, including one stabbing and a violent robbery.

Editor’s note: This report represents the most notable incidents provided by the Bartlett Police Department and does not necessarily reflect all police activity. All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed BPD reports.

Stabbing incident

Officers responded to a stabbing incident at Sunrise Ridge Circle at 9:25 p.m. July 21. They found several people gathered in the street, with one of them yelling obscenities in front of a home.

Neighbors emerged at the noise, and the suspect ignored the officer’s commands to stop yelling and to get out of the street. Officers then took him into custody.

They found the victim lying in the grass in front of a home on Sunrise Ridge with a witness applying pressure to the victim’s neck. An officer determined that a different person sitting in the street in front of that home was the suspected stabber. Officers arrested that person without incident and took the victim to the hospital.

Officer observed a second suspect sitting in the street in front of the residence. Officers determined through an investigation that the second suspect sitting in street was the suspect who stabbed the victim in the neck. The suspect was taken into custody without incident and sent the victim to the hospital.

Violent robbery

In a separate incident on July 28, one victim reported getting beaten, stripped and robbed behind the Bartlett Heights Apartments around 4:15 a.m. Victims 1 and 2 were with the suspects at Mcdonald’s on Stage Road, and one of the suspects said he wanted to go to the back of the apartments to eat.

Back there, the two suspects punched the first victim repeatedly and stripped him of his clothes and accessories, including his watch and phone. The victims escaped to the woods and made it to Mcdonald’s, where they called 911. The injured man said he wasn’t sure if more people were involved in the beating and robbery because he blacked out.

Victim 2, a female, said while the first victim was getting punched, one of the suspects pulled her out of the vehicle and took her phone. He demanded that she strip down, but she refused. That suspect then joined in hitting the first victim.

Officers saw several bruises and abrasions on both victims and located one of the suspects in front of his residence. He was taken into custody and transported to Juvenile Court. Officers then located the second suspect at his residence, where he was taken into custody and transported to the Bartlett City Jail.

Thefts & burglaries

Virgil Road: Someone broke into a man’s house on Virgil Road and destroyed several items between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. July 17, flipping his flat-screen TV onto the ground, breaking the screen, and ripped out the electric panel on his sectional sofa.

Charles Bryan Road: A resident at Ave Maria on Charles Bryan Road reported that someone stole about $15 in change from his apartment between July 8 and 15, leaving only two cents behind. Reported on July 19.

Stage Road: A commercial alarmed sounded off around 4:15 a.m. July 20 at Bartlett Prescription Shop (5675 Stage Road), and officers found the front door pried open. Inside, they saw several pill bottles on the ground. The owner said the drugs stolen were a bottle of codeine cough syrup, one bottle of phentermine, one bottle of hydrocodone tablets and one bottle of oxycodone tablets.

West Gillia Circle: A woman said her husband found one of her rings on the dining room floor about three weeks ago, so she suspected a recent house cleaner might have stolen items. She found that someone had stolen three rings, three watches, a bag of purses and $150 in cash had been stolen. Reported July 20.

Stage Road: An employee found Dance’s Liquor Store (6600 Stage Road, Suite 146) burglarized on July 20. Sometime between 10 p.m. July 19 and 7:10 a.m. July 20, someone broke a window and stole a bottle of Absolut vodka.

Officers responded to another burglary there around 11:45 p.m. that same night. The doors were locked, but they noticed a large hole smashed into the front window pane and a large amount of blood dripping from the hole and onto the concrete beneath.

They were able to follow the blood trail northwest up to the suspect’s home. An investigation determined that the same person was responsible for both incidents.

North Germantown Parkway: Four males left Waffle House (2931 N. Germantown Parkway) around 2:30 a.m. July 22 without paying for their meals. One officer spotted their white SUV in the area of Germantown Road and Old Brownsville Road. The suspects were positively identified and arrested without incident.

North Germantown Parkway: The manager at Wolfchase Nissan arrived on July 25 and found that a Nissan Murano on the west side of the lot was sitting on its frame, with the rims and tires missing.

Galaxie Lane: Someone stole about $7,000, a Long Horn Steakhouse gift card and a Cracker Barrel gift card from a man’s home between July 2 and July 20. The complainant said it was likely someone with access to the house. Reported on July 25.

Memphis Arlington Road: Someone stole a man’s phone from his grocery cart at the Neighborhood Walmart (6520 Memphis Arlington Road) on July 25. He said he left it in his cart around 4:30 p.m., and the phone was gone when he returned. Reported on July 26.

Bristol Park: A city employee found that someone had tried to pry open and kick in a door of the maintenance building at the rear of the property. The building’s garage door was successfully pried open, breaking several rollers. The suspect stole several tools and HVAC equipment.


U.S. 64: Someone stole from a delivery trailer parked at Lowe’s between midnight and 7 a.m. July 16. The driver, who had been sleeping, found the trailer’s seals cut and merchandise stolen.

U.S. 64: A man said someone stole his iPad from his vehicle while it was parked at Walmart (8400 U.S. 64) on July 18. The victim wasn’t sure if he had locked the vehicle.

Centralia Road: Officers responded to a report of a possibly stolen vehicle at Centralia Road around 8 p.m. July 25. They found a vehicle that had been reported stolen out of Memphis. The man at the home said he bought it around 2:45 p.m. that day and provided an affidavit of non-dealer transfer of motor vehicles and boats. He also provided several messages between him and the suspect on the OfferUp app.

Oak Road: Someone broke into a man’s truck but apparently didn’t take anything while it was parked unlocked in his driveway overnight on June 25. Someone rummaged through his center console, backpack, duffel bag and glove compartment. Reported on July 26.

North Germantown Road: A customer at Wolfchase Nissan left the lot on July 9 in a 2018 Nissan Rogue and has not yet returned it, the manager reported on July 27. When called, the suspect hung up on both the complainant and BPD Dispatch.

Kate Bond Road: Someone broke into a man’s vehicle while he was working at Saint Francis-Bartlett (2996 Kate Bond Road) on July 27. He returned to find a broken passenger side rear window and what appeared to be pry marks along the front edge of the window frame. Items taken included his wallet and cash.

Stage Road: A customer at Grand Pacific (6196 Stage Road) found damage to his vehicle’s driver’s side windows between about 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. He said the intruder didn’t enter the vehicle and nothing was missing.

Stage Road: Someone broke the rear window from a man’s truck on July 27, stealing his wallet.

U.S. 64: A woman reported that someone stole her vehicle while it was parked at Gould’s Academy (8000 U.S. 64) on July 28. Her daughter attends the academy and parked in the rear around 9 a.m. The vehicle was there at noon but gone by 2 p.m. There is only one key to the vehicle, and the owner said she is up to date on payments.

Halstead Street: Someone stole a 28-foot Fleetwood Prowler trailer from a man’s driveway overnight on July 28. The trailer had been parked there for repairs. Reported July 29.

Stage Road: Multiple customers at Grand Pacific reported vehicle break-ins between about 8:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. July 29. Victim #1 said his rear passenger window was broken and his Tennessee ID and Social Security card were missing. Victim #2 said his rear driver’s side window was broken; three birth certificates and his passport were missing. Victim #3 also reported a broken rear driver’s side window, but nothing was taken. Victim #4 said his rear driver’s side window as broken and several items were taken. Victim #5 found his rear driver’s side window broken, but nothing was stolen.

Stage Road: Guests at Los Pilares restaurant reported multiple auto burglaries around 8:30 p.m. July 29. Victims #1 and #2 each said their rear driver’s side windows were shattered and their toolboxes were missing. Victim #3 discovered his pool cue was missing from his vehicle; he said he might have left it unlocked.


Quail Ridge apartments: A man found blue paint on the driver’s door of one of his two vehicles on July 11, a bag of what he believed to be vomit placed on his windshield on July 12 and a black trash bag hanging from his other vehicle’s side-view mirror on July 15. Reported on July 16.

Centralia and Catalpa Hill Drive: Someone spray-painted the speed limit sign blue. Reported on July 19.

Christy Lane: Someone broke the driver’s side front window of a woman’s vehicle while it was parked on the street in front of her home. The doors were unlocked and it didn’t appear that the suspect tried to enter the vehicle.

Shelby Street: Someone damaged all three moving trucks belonging to Your Movers (2874 Shelby St., Suite 150) overnight on July 26. Two had large dents in the windshield. One was parked at an employee’s house in Memphis and had similar damage. The complainant said a recently fired suspect who knew the truck’s locations might have caused the damage.


Unspecified location: A victim said someone made seven fraudulent transactions on his bank account on July 12-13 in Moreno Valley, Calif. He said his bank card never left his possession. He has since canceled it.

U.S. 64: Someone bought a gray iPhone 6 on Walmart’s website, using a woman’s bank card information on July 16. An email from Walmart notified her that the phone was picked up. She has since canceled her Regions bank card. Reported on July 17.

Unspecified location: A man noticed on July 21 that someone had used an ATM to withdraw $483 from his bank account on July 21 and $504 on July 22, both times in Jackson, Tenn. He was unsure how anyone gained access to his bank account’s debit card.

Unspecified location: A woman received a letter from Publishers Clearing House and a check from National Leadership Academies on July 13 for $6,742.88. The letter advised her to contact Publishers Clearing House with the security code provided in the letter. She was told to deposit the check and then send a $5,000 cashier’s check to an unknown person in Georgia. A few days later the bank said the check she deposited was fraudulent and they wanted her to reimburse the bank the $6,742.88.

Sycamore Hill Drive: A man’s bank contacted him on July 22, advising that his checking and savings accounts had been completely depleted. He said neither he nor his wife made any withdrawals after July 21. Reported July 23.

Broadway: A woman reported $1,491 in fraudulent charges withdrawn from her checking account between July 21 and July 23.

Elpine Gray Drive: A woman using the website found that an unknown person had tried to open credit accounts in her name with Citibank and BestBuy on July 23. Reported on July 25.

Unspecified location: A woman said someone used her identity to open two bank accounts that operate exclusively online. She received a debit card statement for one on July 12 and notification on July 18 that the other account was opened. No money was taken from her or the banks. She canceled the accounts.

Stage Road: The manager at AT&T (5985 Stage Road) reported a suspect for using fraudulent information in trying to buy two iPhone 10s. She provided a false Texas ID. The salesman suspected something and contacted the manager, and the company’s fraud department advised that the Id’s information didn’t match a real person. The responding officer contacted the suspect, inspected the ID, determined the suspect’s true identity, took her into custody and transported her to the Bartlett City Jail.

Other incidents

Thistle Valley: A man said his sister called on July 18, asking him to go out front and lock her vehicle doors because someone was coming over to fight her. The man walked outside to do so, and he noticed a black vehicle parked directly across the street. Three females and two males were inside. One pointed a gun at the man, so he ran inside and locked the doors. The suspect who displayed the weapon was later located and taken into custody without incident. It was also determined the weapon displayed was a BB gun.

Cricket Glenn Cove: A resident reported a white Infinity sedan traveling in the cove with four suspects on July 21. Some were exiting the vehicle and running up to car doors, entering them. She didn’t provide any other information. The responding officer found and detained a vehicle matching the description as it was leaving the area. Meanwhile, other officers were taking reports from the complainant and other victims about belongings missing from several unlocked vehicles.

The officer who stopped the suspects saw several items in plain view on the backseat, matching the stolen items. The investigation found that the items were stolen from several vehicles. The suspects were arrested without incident.

Woodhollow Cove: A man said his neighbor tried to run over him while he was riding his bike. He was northbound on Audubon Ridge Bend near Birch Mill, returning home, when he saw his neighbor in her vehicle, which was at the stop sign for the Audubon Ridge and Birch Mill intersection. He stayed behind her while she drove through the intersection onto Woodhollow Cove. She was driving slowly and then stopped in the middle of the road. He passed her on the left, trying to enter his driveway, but he heard her tires screech. He turned around and saw her swerve her vehicle and accelerate rapidly toward him.

He then sped up to get into his driveway, and the vehicle nearly missed hitting him.

He stated to Officer he believe that she intentionally tried to hit him and he feared that he would be struck by the vehicle. He also said he has video of the incident on his home security camera.

Officers viewed the video, which backed up all of the victim’s statement. They arrested the woman and took her to Bartlett Jail.