Bartlett Police Report for July 2-8, 2018

The Bartlett Police Department responded to the following incidents for the period of July 2-8, 2018.

Editor’s note: This report represents the most notable incidents provided by BPD and does not necessarily reflect all police activity. All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed BPD reports.

Fatal shooting

See the separate story with details on the July 3 fatal shooting at Taco Bell (7571 U.S. 70).

Armed robbery

A Dollar General employee at the 7889 U.S. 70 location said a male about 5 feet 9 inches tall with brown eyes robbed her at the front register around 11 a.m. July 7. She said he had either a sawed-off shotgun or rifle.

When he fled with the money, he also fired his weapon into the concrete sidewalk in front of the store.


  • Stonehill Drive: Someone rummaged through a victim’s two vehicles parked in the driveway and another parked on the street overnight on July 1. All were unlocked; nothing was stolen. Reported on July 2.
  • Sycamore Hill Drive: Someone shattered the driver’s door window on a man’s locked work vehicle overnight. It was reported as a possible auto burglary, but the victim said he might have accidentally flung a rock into the glass when mowing. A small rock was found inside the vehicle. Reported on July 6.
  • Bluesprings Avenue: Someone stole a cell phone from a woman’s unlocked vehicle, which was parked overnight in her carport. Reported on July 7.
  • Galaxie Street: Someone stole a blue backpack containing several personal items from a woman’s unlocked vehicle on July 6 or 7. Reported on July 7.
  • Cohay Avenue: Someone rummaged through a man’s unlocked truck on July 7, but nothing seemed to be missing. Reported on July 8.


  • U.S. 64: Someone stabbed two tires and gouged both driver’s side doors of a man’s vehicle parked at Walmart (8400 U.S. 64). Reported on July 2.
  • Brunswick Road: Someone shattered the rear driver’s side window of a woman’s vehicle parked at Lakeside Behavioral Health System (2911 Brunswick Road). Nothing was missing. Reported on July 3.
  • Beagle Creek Cove: Someone gouged both driver’s side doors and a rear quarter panel of a woman’s vehicle. She heard a noise outside around 1:30 a.m., saw a flashlight turn off and heard a car door slam and a vehicle drive off, and then she found the damage. Reported on July 4.
  • U.S. 64: A man’s ex-girlfriend reportedly entered his workplace, Payless Shoes (8350 U.S. 64), and threw down several floor displays that held jewelry and various items. Reported on July 5.
  • Del Monico Cove: Someone pulled off the manufacturer’s logo from a man’s vehicle. Reported on July 5.


  • Bluesprings Avenue: A woman reported hearing the knob turn on her home’s side door around 11:40 p.m. She looked outside and saw a heavyset male suspect rushing down her driveway to Kenwood and getting into a dark SUV that sped off. A neighbor said she saw the same man cross her backyard; afterward, she found he had moved some boards on her fence to enter and exit. Both women said nothing was missing from their residences. Reported on July 3.
  • Crested Pine Cove: A man reported getting several unauthorized credit pulls on his credit report recently. Reported on July 3.
  • Brunswick Road: Someone stole the registration decal from a woman’s vehicle while it was parked at Lakeside Behavioral Health System (2911 Brunswick Road) between June 26 and July 5. Reported on July 5.
  • Sir Ian Cove: An officer saw a man who appeared intoxicated while sitting on a storm drain around 9:30 p.m. July 4. The suspect seemed confused and took several minutes to give clear answers, and he said his left wrist and left ankle were broken. Bartlett Fire Department responded for medical treatment and took the suspect to Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett. Reported July 4.
  • Planters View Road: A Texas man hired a painter, gave him a key to his new house in Bartlett, and found during a July 3 inspection that several items had been stolen. Reported on July 5.
  • U.S. 64: A man parked near a Bank of America ATM said a suspect approached him in a Bartlett parking lot (8300 U.S. 64) around 1-2:30 p.m. July 5. The suspect held a phone and a semi-automatic pistol and tried to get him to roll down his window. The potential victim left the scene and then looped back but couldn’t find the suspect again. The suspect wore a white tank top, and the complainant believes the suspect came from a silver two-door Mitsubishi. Reported on July 5.
  • Village Lake Lane: A caller defrauded a grandfather out of $15,800 over several days with false claims about his grandson. The grandfather said he received a call on June 19 from someone claiming to be his grandson, saying he needed help on his DUI arrest. The caller directed the grandfather to call a certain phone number to the “public defender,” who said the grandson asked to keep the discussion secret so as not to jeopardize his military career. The grandfather sent multiple payments for bail and other fines via UPS over the next week to a New Jersey address. The grandfather spoke with his actual grandson on July 4 and learned there was no DUI address and that he had been scammed. Reported on July 6.