Bartlett Police reports for June 18-24, 2018

The Bartlett Police Department responded to the following incidents for the period of June 18-24, 2018.

Editor’s note: This report represents the most notable incidents provided by BPD and does not necessarily reflect all police activity. All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed BPD reports.


  • Ellis Road: Broken and damaged blank granite headstones at Galilee Memorial Gardens, reported June 18. Found near the storage shed. Most appeared to have been dropped, possibly during an attempted theft.
  • Christoval Street: Broken rear window on vehicle parked on the street, reported June 18.
  • Montpelier Drive: Damaged windshield on truck parked in driveway, reported June 20. It looked as if someone used a hammer to hit the windshield.
  • Memphis Arlington Road: Broken window on locked vehicle while man was at work at Youth Villages, reported June 21. No property appeared to be missing.
  • Mercury Street: Second night of vandalism to a woman’s vehicle, reported June 24. Damages included slashed front left and right rear tires and a scratch in the paint down the entire left side of the vehicle, which her son uses.
  • Sungate Drive South: A front security door’s glass broken by a male’s girlfriend, his mother reported June 24.

Thefts & burglaries

  • Memphis Arlington Road: Two pieces of jewelry stolen from a woman’s home around May 22-23, reported on June 19. Discovered after a cleaning company worked at her home.
  • Lawnhill Drive: Lawnmower stolen from woman’s property on June 19.
  • Deermont Drive: Theft of a set of triple bleachers (estimated at $2,100) from the Deermont Park baseball fields on June 19, reported the next day.
  • Memphis Arlington Road: Debit card stolen when an employee left her wallet under the front counter of Flash Market June 19. The next day, she got notification from her bank that someone tried but failed to withdraw money from her account. She found her wallet near where she had left it, but $15 cash and one of two debit cards were missing.
  • Bristol Park Drive: A woman returned to her apartment on June 20 to find the door pried open. Her white female dog, a chihuahua, was missing along with several property items.
  • Sleepy Hollow Drive: Items discovered missing after friends visited a couple’s home on May 18, reported on June 20.
  • Bartlett Road: Items stolen from the front desk at Bartlett Photo Studio while a victim was turning off lights in the back of the studio, as reported June 21.
  • Kirby Whitten Road: A woman’s unattended iPhone stolen from Kroger’s floral department on June 22.
  • Westridge Drive: Craftsman lawnmower and Husqvarna weed trimmer stolen from an open garage on June 22, reported the next day.


  • Christy Lane: Locked vehicle stolen from its curbside parking spot on June 20. The car contained a black Craftsman bag with tools in it.
  • Summerdale Cove: Cash stolen from a man’s locked car between June 20 and June 21.
  • Summerdale Cove: A car break-in with nothing stolen June 21.
  • Gingerhill Lane area: One burglarized vehicle with nothing taken, another vehicle with a man’s wallet missing, and another vehicle that had been opened and the front driver and passenger door handles stolen. All reported on June 21.
  • Lamb Woods Cove: Vehicle stolen from a driveway on June 20 or 21. The owner wasn’t sure if the keys were left inside.
  • Windersville Drive: Handgun stolen from a man’s vehicle either at his home or while he was running errands on June 21. He wasn’t sure if he locked the doors.
  • Star Valley Road: A broken truck window and a stolen wallet, reported June 21.
  • Bright Star Lane: A $600 check stolen from a woman’s unlocked vehicle parked in her driveway between June 21 and 22. A neighbor’s security video showed a tall slender suspect wearing long pants and a hoodie with the hood up.
  • Blue Lagoon Loop: A car stolen in a Craigslist sale gone wrong on June 22. The victim got in his gray BMW 335i with a couple of the suspects for while the third remained in a black Infiniti G35. The test driver was sweating profusely and seemed nervous to the victim. When they returned, there was a struggle for the key, and the driver hit the victim on the head with a pistol. The driver of the black vehicle also pointed a pistol. As the first suspect fled in the victim’s BMW, he reportedly tried to run over the victim. Police en route spotted a gray BMW matching the description, speeding southbound on Germantown Road near Ellis Road. They tried to pursue but stopped as the vehicle sped up and showed disregard for public safety.
  • Stage Road: A woman’s phone wallet stolen from her friend’s vehicle while it was parked in Kroger’s lot.
  • U.S. 64: Tailgate stolen from truck parked at Walmart on June 24.

Other incidents

  • Unspecified location: A man said June 18 that someone used his Social Security Number to take about $47,000 from a joint bank account he has with his wife.
  • Overcreek Lane: A citizen turned over an SCS cloth ID holder she found in the street on June 21.
  • Court Street: A man said his neighbor advised him an unidentified male was standing by the treeline on the corner of Court and Main streets, poking into the brush with a large stick. The suspect fled in a beige Buick when he noticed he was being watched. The man said he’s found items stashed there in the past.
  • Kirby Whitten Road: Someone forged a man’s signature on a $139.65 check for groceries at Kroger on April 16. He reported this on June 22.
  • Summer Oaks Drive: A man was disputing allegedly fraudulent charges to his Leaders Credit Union account on June 22 when he said he was going to rob the bank.
  • U.S. 64: A woman reported harassment after a brief road rage incident June 23 at Mcdonald’s on U.S. 64. Her husband was backing up when an unknown woman in a newer model white Audi began honking, yelling obscenities and threatening them. The victim has since received more than 70 phone calls and a voicemail calling her names. The victim’s phone number was displayed on the rear of her vehicle.
  • Hillyglen Cove: After police were called out earlier for a noise complaint on a neighbor, a woman said he drove past her son, revving his engine, turned in the cove and drove back by him, staring at him in an intimidation attempt.
  • Shelby Street: A man heard eight or nine gunshots in front of his house late on June 22. He, his wife and his granddaughter were inside and didn’t see what happened. Another witness reported seeing a gray Dodge Charger speed down the street immediately afterward. Officers found nine 9mm shell casings in the street.
  • Stembridge Street: A juvenile and his mother reported a suspicious circumstance on June 23. He said a male in a green Ford Mustang convertible asked if he wanted any candy. The victim refused, and the suspect became irate, yelled at him and drove away. He described the suspect as a younger black male, about 17-23 years old, wearing a gray shirt with a short faded haircut.
  • Sungate Drive South: A neighbor’s unleashed black dog reportedly attacked a woman’s leashed dog while she was walking it on June 22. She said the black dog bit her hand when she tried to separate them. Then the leash wrapped around her legs and she fell, hitting her head. The Bartlett Fire Department took the victim to the hospital for her injuries.