Bartlett Police Reports for May 21-27, 2018

The Bartlett Police Department responded to the following incidents for the period of May 21-27, 2018.

Editor’s note: This report represents the most notable incidents provided by BPD and does not necessarily reflect all police activity. All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed BPD reports.


  • U.S. 70 and Bryan Road: Someone glued signs over a “Welcome to Bartlett” sign, possibly using liquid nail adhesive. This was reported on May 21.
  • U.S. 70: An angry girlfriend confronted another woman at home May 21 on suspicions of her boyfriend’s infidelity. The victim said the girlfriend punctured two of her vehicle’s tires.
  • U.S. 64: Someone smashed the driver’s window of a woman’s vehicle at Sam’s Club (8480 U.S. 64) on May 22 but didn’t steal anything.
  • Bartlett Crest Drive: A man reported a former lover for vandalism on May 26. The suspect yelled at his window, and when the man was walking to the door he heard a loud bang and then saw the suspect speed away. The victim found a large dent and scratches on his vehicle’s hood, as well as a broken bedroom window.
  • Stage Road: A woman may have keyed (scratched) a couple’s vehicle after arguing that they took her parking spot at Kroger (5995 Stage Road) on May 26. The suspect was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, slender and wearing a black tank top and a ponytail.

Thefts & burglaries

  • Old Brownsville Road: A woman reported hearing her door open around 1 a.m. May 21 and finding the door ajar. She locked both doors and later noticed that $160 was missing from her purse in the den.
  • Maple Hill Farms Cove: A man spotted his ex-girlfriend on his home surveillance video on May 22, trying to steal his trailer with help from two males. They left without it after the trailer fell off their hitch. They drove a newer model gray Ford F-150.
  • Stage Road: A man reported May 23 he’d been duped on a replacement water heater. He met the suspect, who had worked for his family previously, at Regions Bank (6231 Stage Road) a week previously and paid $550 upfront for parts. The suspect texted what looked like a receipt, but when the victim went to the store they said it was just a bid and no water heater had been purchased. The victim said the suspect is avoiding him.
  • Saint Philip Drive: A man realized on May 23 that a silver Rolex ladies watch he had bought as a gift was missing. He last saw it at home about two months earlier. The watch had gold numbers and a blue center.
  • Pine Oak Drive: Someone stole a delivery of a woman’s PlayStation 4 gaming console and two video games on May 23. She reported it the next day.
  • Kate Bond Road: A woman said someone stole her wallet from her purse at Saint Francis Hospital (2986 Kate Bond Road) between May 22 and May 25.
  • Wild Dune Lane: A woman reported May 26 that her handgun was missing. One granddaughter was at the grandmother’s home during the burglary. She said she heard the door alarm chime around 12:10 p.m., so she locked her bedroom door and turned her light off. She heard the chime again and then went outside and called police. She didn’t see anyone or hear voices. Then around 5:30 p.m. that day they found a handgun holster in their mother’s closet.

Vehicular incidents

Auto burglaries included:

  • Nob Hill: Someone stole two handguns from a man’s unlocked vehicle overnight, he reported on May 21.
  • Santa Cruz Drive: Someone broke the front passenger window of a woman’s vehicle overnight and stole her purse, she reported on May 22.
  • Devine Street: On a tip from a neighbor, a man checked his security camera system and saw two males approach his wife’s vehicle in the driveway around 5 a.m. May 23. One tried the door handle, but it was locked. A second suspect entered the man’s unlocked vehicle that was parked on the street but stole nothing. A witness also saw a guy wearing a black toboggan, black shirt and pants between two houses around 4 a.m.

Other vehicle-related incidents included:

  • Autumnhill Lane: A woman said on May 22 someone stole her car’s license plate overnight.
  • Anderton Springs: A woman who was out of state said on May 22 that her adopted sons were staying at her home, but one was driving her vehicle without permission. While investigating, an officer found that the suspect also had an active warrant from Shelby County General Sessions Court. He was arrested and transferred to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Sleepy Hollow: A woman reported May 24 that a family friend had visited and apparently pocketed her vehicle’s spare key the previous day. She said he stole the vehicle overnight.
  • Kate Hyde Boulevard: Someone stole the license plate from a man’s vehicle on May 24.


  • Bartlett City Court: An officer spotted a visibly upset defendant leaving the courtroom on May 21, slamming the door into the wall. In the lobby, he raised his voice and said obscenities. He was charged with disorderly conduct.
  • Lord Dunmore Cove: Officers arrested and jailed a loud, disruptive and heavily intoxicated man in the parking lot of Bartlett Highland Condominiums on May 21. He was screaming obscenities and yelling he was going to hurt someone.