3 youths recovering at home after Lakeland shooting

[Editor’s note, 10:40 p.m. June 4: The headline of the story has been edited to make it clear the victims’ hometowns have not been released to date.]

LAKELAND – The last of three juveniles wounded in the May 27 shooting in Lakeland has been released from the hospital. All are expected to make a full recovery, said Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, Earle Farrell in a Saturday afternoon update.

The shooting happened at a Sweet 16 party when three underage youths were shot and another was injured trying to escape.

The party was at the Oakwood Subdivision’s neighborhood clubhouse on Matwood Oak Drive, and four young men who arrived without invitations got angry and began shooting after the honoree’s grandfather blocked them at the door.

The victims’ names are not being released because of their ages. Injuries reportedly included shots to the lower back, the left leg below the knee and the buttocks.

The case remains under active investigation.

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