Galilee markers MUST be claimed by May 17

May 17, 2018 – UPDATE & EDITOR’S NOTE: This deadline ONLY pertains to unused markers/headstones that were stored in a cemetery shed. See our latest story with the details.

Family members pay tribute at their loved one’s grave at Galilee Memorial Gardens. Source: May 2015 archive photo by Tyrone Randall.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI) reminds consumers that any claims on unused granite markers and headstones at Galilee Memorial Gardens in Bartlett will only be accepted through Thursday May 17.

The Department recently received approval from the Chancery Court overseeing the receivership of the cemetery to notify certain persons who may have items on the property, specifically granite markers with the names of persons etched on them, and of the procedure to make a claim for such items.

To make a claim, consumers must secure a claim form by contacting Special Deputy Receiver Robert E. Moore, Jr., Receivership Management Inc., at or at (615) 370-0051. Consumers should complete the form and mail it back to him with all supporting information, such as a death certificate, purchase receipts, statement of relationship and the place of burial of the person marked on the stone.

If the Special Deputy Receiver receives a single claim to a stone after May 17, 2018, and he believes that the claim is well-founded based on the totality of the information provided, the Special Deputy Receiver is authorized to allow such claimant to take possession of the stone.

If two or more claims to a single stone are made on or before May 17, 2018, the Special Deputy Receiver shall attempt to resolve the dispute informally. If no agreement can be made regarding the disposition of the stone within 14 calendar days after May 17, then the Special Deputy Receiver shall bring the matter before the court.

The full list of markers that may be claimed through this process may be found online at

Galilee Memorial Gardens is currently in receivership with the Department of Commerce and Insurance through the Chancery Court of Davidson County. Through this process, the Department has overseen substantial beautification efforts at the Cemetery, including leveling large parts of the Cemetery and straightening numerous markers.

The Department offers its sympathy to those who have been affected by the past actions at the property and continues its ongoing work to ensure that the cemetery is left for those in the future in the best condition possible.

All other inquiries, including those regarding making claims, regarding the Cemetery should be directed to Robert E. Moore, Jr., Receivership Management Inc., at or at (615) 370-0051.