Election commission: Urgent, polling places change for May 1

Eight polling place location changes will affect some voters on Election Day for the Shelby County Primary on Tuesday, May 1. A complete list is below and is also available at shelbyvote.com. Polling place locations change for various reasons that are outside the Shelby County Election Commission’s control.

The SCEC does not own property it uses for polling places; space is rented from churches and public buildings.

“We wish polling locations place changes never occurred, but fortunately we have been able to find locations that are equally as convenient to voters,” said Linda Phillips, administrator of elections at the Shelby County Election Commission. “We do everything possible to notify affected voters of the change well in advance of an upcoming election.”

The Election Commission usually mails notices at least 35 days prior to the election when a polling location has been changed. However, there are rare instances when a last-minute change is necessary.

In district 33-00, in the Binghampton area, the polling place has been moved across the street. Construction at Caritas Community, which was scheduled for completion prior to the election, is unfinished. For this reason, voters in that precinct, who voted at Caritas Community, will vote across the street in the Caritas Artist House, located at 2510 Harvard Ave. These voters will use the same parking lot they always used, and election staff will be positioned at Caritas Community to direct voters across the street.

”It’s always a good idea to check the Voter tab at www.shelbyvote.com before every election, just to make sure you know where you need to go on Election Day,” Phillips said.

Precincts with polling place changes

  • 17-00: Old location, Memphis Leadership Foundation Miss. Blvd.; new location, Christian Church, 70 N. Bellevue Blvd.
    87-03: Old location, Holy Nation Ministries; new location, East Side Baptist Church, 3232 Covington Pike
    89-01: Old location, Immanual Lutheran Church; new location, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church (UMC), 6050 Summer Ave.
    FOR-01: Old location, Harvest Church; new location, St. Mark’s UMC, 8255 Winchester Ave.
    BAR-03: Old location, Alltruia Elementary School; new location, Bartlett Baptist Church, 3565 Kirby Whitten Rd.
    BAR-04: Old location, Ellendale Elementary School; new location, 7217 Centralia Rd., Bartlett
    ROS-15: Old location, East Win Christian Church; new location, Greater Love Baptist Church, 4439 Hacks Cross Rd.
    33-00: Old location, Caritas Community; new location, Caritas Artists House, 2510 Harvard Ave.