Election commission launches redesigned, streamlined website

bex-2018-02-08-scec-logoThe Shelby County Election Commission (SCEC) launched its redesigned website, shelbyvote.com, on Jan. 31. The new site has a cleaner look and is designed to be more user friendly.

Though the web site name itself is unchanged, the difference in the URL is that it now begins with https://. (This indicates that the session between the web server and the browser is encrypted, and you can communicate securely with the web server.)

The redesigned website now contains only six top tabs: Voters, Poll Workers, Candidates, Elections, Outreach, and a general information tab labeled SCEC.

“The update to the site is long overdue,” said Linda Phillips, administrator of elections. “If you ever used the old web site and were frustrated or confused, please visit the site again, so you can see how much it’s changed. You’ll find it much easier to use.”

The first tab on the dropdown list under “Voters” gives people instant information on how to check their registration status and to find where they need to go vote on Election Day.

“We want the public to be able to access information as quickly and easily as possible,” Phillips said.

SCEC is always looking for qualified poll workers, so the “Pollworker” tab has a drop-down list leading to specifics about how to become a poll worker, the pay rate and responsibilities.

The “Candidates” tab at the top includes information about which SCEC often receives calls, such as campaign signs and rules for poll watchers.

Under the “Elections” tab, a calendar of upcoming elections is available. The 2018 elections on the calendar will list when people can expect information, detailing early voting dates and times to be posted, before each election. After approval by commissioners, the documents will be posted. Sample ballots will be available on the site about 45 days before each election.

The SCEC tab includes such useful information as a list of current elected officers, biographies on the staff and a page about the history of the Election Commission.