Naked cyclist arrested near Bartlett

Martin Centobie
Martin Centobie

A senior citizen decided to go on a nude bicycle ride Sunday near Bartlett but ended his outing with a ride to jail.

A neighbor who was outside enjoying the weather reported seeing Martin Centobie, 65, riding naked in the 5200 block of Wesley Park, around an apartment complex’s lake. She provided the man’s first name and said he lived in the complex, which is in Memphis, just west of the Bartlett city limits.

She also said several families, including two children under the age of 10, saw the man on the bike with his genitals exposed.

Responding officers found the man behind a wooden fence, where he had returned to get dressed. Officers arrested him, charged him with indecent exposure and took him to 201 Poplar. He posted a $100 bond and was released.