Children: Send us your best turkey recipes!

3-Thanksgiving-Burst.epsChildren have the funniest ideas about holiday traditions and the process of cooking. We thought it would be fun to find out what your kids thinks about preparing the main dish for Thanksgiving.

Ask your young ones to explain “How to Cook a Turkey” and send it in to us. We want to read their recipes, even if they keep it simple with, “Buy it, cook it, eat it. And keep my greedy big brother from getting both drumsticks.” Or maybe “Daddy knocked over the fryer and burned a big spot in the yard. Now we cook turkeys in the oven so Mama won’t get mad.”

Children are famous for keeping it real. We will publish the best recipes.

You or your child can write the recipe inside this turkey shape (see above). Get this image from the latest issue of The Bartlett Express, or print it out at home. You or your child can write the recipe inside the box, and please include the child’s first name and last initial and his/her age. Try to use a dark pencil or ink so we can see the writing clearly. It’s okay to write outside the turkey shape if needed, too. Send to:

The Bartlett Express
Turkey Recipe
2850 Stage Village Cove #5
Bartlett, TN 38134

You also may email your child’s turkey-cooking wisdom to

Classrooms, you’re welcome to participate too!