Flipped car in Bartlett sends 1 woman to hospital

CRASH-REPORTCitizens who passed by a dramatic two-car crash in Bartlett on Aug. 10 can now learn about the details. A car flipped on Bartlett Boulevard at Venson Drive sending one woman to the hospital and sending the other driver home with a ticket but without injury.

On Monday, the Bartlett Police Department released details: The first car’s driver — Erik B. Jimenez Medina, 21, of Bartlett — failed to yield the right of way when proceeding from a stop sign. That driver was turning left from westbound Venson Drive onto southbound Bartlett Boulevard in his 2005 maroon Ford Mustang. He struck the rear passenger side of the victim’s car, spinning it around and overturning it.

The driver of the flipped car was Denise Henard of Somerville, 47, driving a white 2005 Chevrolet Malibu.

Medina’s vehicle didn’t have disabling damage, according to the police report, but the victim’s vehicle did — on all sides. Both Medina and Henard were wearing lap and seat belts, but neither vehicle’s airbags deployed.

Henard wasn’t able to climb out of her Malibu on her own power after the accident, but Bartlett Police officers removed her through the front passenger side window. She complained of pain in her back, neck, leg and elbow, and the Bartlett Fire Department Unit #1 took her to the Regional Medical Center.