Doubling down: Arlington restaurant moves to Millington for expansion

The grill is being fired up, the sauce is being created and the pies are being whipped.

For a year and a half, the menu of Double D’s BBQ Restaurant and Lounge came to life at the previous location of 9508 Millington-Arlington Road.

The taste of smoked ribs, homemade buttermilk pies and thick-cut bologna led to a following in the Bolton High School area. Now owners Dewayne and Marsha White have expanded by moving to 6353 Navy Road.

“We moved over here because our last place we began to outgrow,” Dewayne said. “We started to have a lot more customers. And we also wanted to expand a little bit. So we came out to this area.

“Friendly, great food,” he added. “You can’t beat it. If you look us up on Facebook, we’ve got five stars from 300 customers. When you walk into here, it’s a friendly atmosphere – it’s like family. It’s a good place you can come and eat and it’s safe.”

One wall of the new location is decorated with snapshots of friends, family, guests and customers who enjoyed the atmosphere of Double D’s. With manager Marsha White, business partner Tyrone Moss and cooks Corlvan Fant and Kelton Bonds, the staff’s main goal is to provide a great time and meal.

“Throughout the week Tuesday-Thursday regular menu, pull pork, fish, burgers, hot wings, chicken tenders and barbecue bologna,” Dewayne said. “It’s not your average barbecue bologna. We went back to old-school. It’s old school bologna, thick cut. Get your hot sauce, slaw or whatever you want on it.

“If it’s barbecue, you can’t go without the barbecue nachos,” he added. “The crowd favorite is rib tips and ribs. Put it like this, I’m not going to give you any secret. But our rib tips and ribs are old school. We do it the old-school way. It’s meat falling off the bone ribs. It’s not one of those things you go outside and just throw it on the grill. It’s preparation. It’s a process. You’ve got steps. It’s step by step. I’m going backyard ribs.”

White starts his day out back of his new location with his pit grill, putting his marinated ribs and pulled pork over the coals.

Since the first week of June, Millington residents have sampled the grill favorites of White, his wife’s down-home Southern cooking and the tasty treats from Fants and Bonds.

While the menu is receiving good reviews from the stomachs of old and new customers, White said Double D’s will provide enjoyment for the ears, feet and soul.

“Right now what we’re working on is doing three levels of entertainment,” he said. “On Thursday nights we’ll do an open mike and karaoke. On Friday nights, we’re doing live bands.

“Then on Saturday we’re doing a DJ Night featuring rhythm and blues,” White concluded. “We’re targeting 25 and up. Nice, mature and friendly atmosphere.”

Double D’s BBQ is located at 6353 Navy Road near the Mapco. The business also caters and features entertainment like karaoke, live bands and DJ music. Lunch and dinner are served Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Grill closes at 7:30 p.m. daily.

On Aug. 18, Double D’s will have a Friends and Family Celebration with 98.9 FM on location. For more information, call (901) 829-2116 or (901) 873-1326.

THOMAS SELLERS JR. is the editor of The Millington Star. Contact him at (901) 433-9138 or