MLGW disputes claims of impure, unsafe water

mlgw-small-logoMemphis Light, Gas and Water has reviewed the report issued by the Environmental Working Group that raised alarms about water quality. The utility’s July 27 press release stated, “Their report, which utilized MLGW’s data, confirms what we already knew and that is that we are blessed to have great drinking water.”

The EWG, a nonprofit environmental group based in Washington, D.C., recently released a national list of water pollutants reported by utility companies. The EWG says some of the water systems complied with legal limits but still contain carcinogens that can be risky for consumers’ health.

The MLGW response continued: “None of the numbers reported by the Environmental Working Group exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) maximum contaminant levels.

“MLGW conducts close to 40,000 tests on our drinking water each year to ensure that we are providing the highest quality water to our customers.

“Additionally, each year, MLGW issues a water quality report that summarizes the results of the thousands of tests we perform.”