LSS to weigh dress code options

Last week, the Lakeland school board carried over the topic of a standardized dress code for students until its next meeting, but all other items on the July 10 meeting’s agenda passed.

In a lengthier discussion at a previous meeting on June 10, board member Geoff Hicks advocated using uniforms at both schools to save money for families, promote equality among students and maintain a “prep school” image. Board member Kelley Hale also supported the use of uniforms, saying that it could help middle schoolers who are already struggling with their identities and the desire to fit in.

In other actions at the July meeting, the Lakeland School System board approved:

  • FY2017-18 budget amendments
  • Amendments to the 2017-18 salary schedules
  • The 2017-18 professional development plan
  • The curriculum pacing guidelines for Lakeland Elementary
  • The Lakeland School System’s protected reading list
  • Amendments to school fees
  • An annual agenda
  • Entering competition for the Tennessee School Board Association’s School of the Year Award
  • The 2017 public officials’ bond
  • A new policy on recommendations and file transfers
  • Updates to policies on audits, emergency preparedness, credit recovery and interscholastic athletics

Chairman Kevin Floyd announced that the Lakeland Education Foundation is working on a fundraising project to sell engraved brick pavers that will be placed near the new middle school’s flag.

Superintendent Dr. Ted Horrell also reminded the board of the upcoming ribbon-cutting and open house for the new Lakeland Middle Preparatory School. It will begin at 4:30 p.m. on July 30 at the school, 5020 Lions Crest Drive, Lakeland.