Letter to the Editor: Quail Ridge donates leftovers to soup kitchen

Letter to the editorHello, and I would like to say that I have never written in to the Bartlett Express before, but I am a subscriber and have enjoyed it for years. I felt so moved by the generosity of Quail Ridge Golf Course, that I felt it important to let someone know.

The Quail Ridge Golf Course hosts the Bubba Conlee Golf Tournament, which draws the best high school golfers from all over the country, to Bartlett yearly. The tournament was held last week at Quail Ridge and ended Thursday evening. Throughout the week they fed many hungry golfers and their families and treated them to the famous Southern hospitality. Needless to say, Quail Ridge, on Thursday evening, had a plethra of uneaten leftovers stacked high in the walk-in fridge at Quail Ridge. Brian Alexander, the manager at Quail Ridge, hated seeing this much food go to waste. My son Jesse Hollingsworth, who works at the course during the summer, mentioned sending it to the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen. Brian did not hesitate for a moment and they quickly devised a plan to get the food to those less fortunate.

Friday morning, the food was picked up and served to over 160 men, women and children at the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen at 1306 Monroe Ave., Memphis. The patrons were thrilled with a lunch of catfish, bratwurst, pulled pork, hush puppies, slaw and salad … all through the generosity of Quail Ridge Golf Course.

Just love it when the generosity of a few spills over and affects hundred others.


Gretchen Hollingsworth