Bartlett drama brings charm to Lakeland seniors

A lot of drama took place at the Lakeland Senior Center recently, but it was purely theatrics. At first glance, the facility appeared to be overrun with homeless vagabonds and townspeopl who looked as if they stepped right out of another era.

Instead, they were 16 members of the Bartlett Choral and Drama Club. The group performed a song and dance production about a town named “Hoboville,” filled with traveling folks, a mayor and townspeople.

Every member of the drama club had a part to play, whether it was singing, acting out a skit or doing both in the last performance of their season. The audience was taken on an adventure of traveling tunes, including “Traveling Man,” “Come On Get Happy,” “Getting To Know You,” “New York, New York” and “Young At Heart.” The audience had a part in the production when they were invited to join in on the “Hokey Pokey.”

The 45-minute performance of music and dancing spotlighted each performer’s skills. The finale of the show was a closing from the Carol Burnett Show, “I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together,” as the characters of Hoboville made their way through the room, shaking hands with audience members.

“We are thrilled that they were able to come to the Lakeland Senior Center for their last performance of the season,” said Kim Odom, special events coordinator. “It was a pleasing show that delivered a lot of laughter and joy. We welcome this talented group of performers back anytime.”

Betty Davis, a regular participant at the Lakeland Senior Center, said, “It was absolutely delightful. I can’t wait to see their next performance.”

The Bartlett Choral and Drama Club practices at the Bartlett Senior Center. They are on sabbatical until August while they practice for a brand-new season.

“We have a lot of fun,” said choral and drama club member Barbara Hall. “We can’t have people that can’t have fun.”

The group is planning a Broadway musical performance for the upcoming season and they welcome new members. There are members from all over the Mid-South. For more information, call Barbara Hall at (901) 594-5269.

KIM ODOM, author of this article, is the special events coordinator for the City of Lakeland.