Bartlett Police Reports for June 5-11, 2017

Bartlett police badgeThe Bartlett Police Department (BPD) handled the following incidents for June 5-11. This listing includes the most notable incidents for the reporting period and does not necessarily reflect all police activity.

Editor’s note: All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed BPD reports.

June 5

North Germantown Road (theft)

Four male customers at Waffle House (2931 N. Germantown Road) ordered and ate meals around 3 a.m. June 5 but left without paying. The bill was $49.15.

Bartlett Boulevard (vandalism)

A man reported finding a paint bucket on the ground and paint spattered everywhere in the field at 2629 Bartlett Blvd. Surveillance video showed what looked like a male juvenile throwing the five-gallon bucket off an elevated surface onto the ground.

Stage Road (theft of services)

Three male customers at $27.30 worth of food at Panda Buffet (6600 Stage Road, Suite 118) and left without paying on June 5. The complainant stopped them to request payment before they exited, but the trio ran out of the building, got into a small gray car and left.

Unspecified location (stolen bicycle)

A victim reported on June 5 that someone stole his bike from his front yard between June 2 and June 4. He described it as a chrome BMX-style bike with a blue seat, blue tires and blue handle grips.

June 6

Unspecified location (vandalism)

A man has gotten no response or remedies from a vandal he said kicked over and broke an ornamental solar-powered butterfly light ($22) in his front flower bed. He told the responding officer on June 6 that he now wants to press charges.

North Stage Plaza (theft)

A woman reported on June 6 that someone had broken into her business overnight. She was the last one to leave around 10 p.m., and she noticed the intrusion when she returned the next morning around 9:30 a.m. Files had been pulled out onto the front desk, and several items were missing from around the room.

Keeshond Cove (theft)

A vehicle owner says someone had stolen his vehicle’s license plate. He last saw it on May 29 at home. He noticed it was missing on June 6 while leaving Cracker Barrel near the Interstate 40 ramp. He was unsure of when and where the license plate went missing.

Boyd Lane (burglary)

A woman who left her home around 11:30 a.m. found that her side door had been pried open when she returned around 1:40 p.m. She went inside and found every room ransacked and a few items stolen. The responding officers noted that the door jamb was splintered and items were strewn around the home.

Flaherty Place (auto burglary)

Someone took a man’s wallet when he left it in his vehicle at the Bartlett Rec Center (7700 Flaherty Place) on June 6. He parked on the west side of the building and said he probably forgot to lock the vehicle.

Kate Hyde Road (theft from a semi truck-trailer)

A driver said June 6 that someone had cut the seal and chain off his semi. He was at the dead end of Kate Hyde Road between 8300 U.S. 64 and 8400 U.S. 64 at the time of the report.

Someone stole various Gap clothing items from the vehicle. The responding officer saw several empty boxes at the trailer’s rear and also found boxes in the wooded area directly behind Kate Hyde Road. The boxes in the woods still had merchandise in them and had been staged behind trees.

June 7

Stonehill Drive (burglary)

A man said someone burglarized his home between 4 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. June 7. He reported waking up on the sofa around 4 a.m. and going to his bedroom, leaving behind his wallet with his debit card and $700 in cash. The nearby back door was unlocked. When he woke about an hour and a half later, his wallet was gone.

June 8

Richland Valley (trailer theft)

Someone cut the lock and stole a man’s 7 x 16 tandem-axle trailer from a home under construction, he reported on June 8.

Shelby Street (theft)

A man got an ugly surprise on June 8 after he left his mower in his front yard briefly while he went inside to change clothes. He was gone only about 10 minutes. When he returned, his Craftsman self-propelled push mower was missing.

June 9

Bartlett Boulevard (multiple traffic offenses)

An officer spotted two vehicles speeding southbound on Bartlett Boulevard at Bartlett Road at 1:16 a.m. June 9. The black Kia Rio was following the gray Honda Civic. The Civic’s driver crossed two lanes and made a sharp right turn westbound onto Bartlett Woods, followed by the Rio. The officer lost sight of the Civic but saw the Rio driver disregard a stop sign at Doe Run and Elmore Road.

When the officer activated his emergency lights for a traffic stop, the Rio driver tried to flee eastbound through Freeman Park. Then three males hopped out of the Rio and ran southbound through the park. After a foot chase, the officer was able to catch two of them without further incident.